A freshman’s guide to the Newman galaxy

By: Austin Schwartz, Editor

A new school year has started, which means there are a lot of new students on campus. When I was a freshman many years ago, there were a lot of things I didn’t know. Getting into college can be daunting, especially if you’re away from home, so I wanted to make a list of tips I wish someone had shared with me so I don’t have to learn them myself- same.

Here is my version of the Freshman’s Guide to the Galaxy:

Free food: Many events in Newman offer free food to attendees. As a student, you will face tight schedules and a tight budget. Free food events should be a “must”. Jet Friday offers free donuts and coffee in Dugan’s Student Life Lounge. Watch for upcoming events like these in your email and the NU Body Groupme.

Goose colony: Many geese reside on campus. That means there’s poo littered on the sidewalks, so be prepared to play hopscotch. The majority of goose droppings are on the south side of campus. The Worshipers of the Blood of Christ has a large pond, which encourages more geese to visit the area.

TOILET: In high school, we were all used to raising our hands and asking permission to use the bathroom. We’re considered adults now, so it’s okay to get up and go.

Student fees: Most new students wonder what the purpose of the mysterious “tuition fees” we have to pay is. They are used to pay for campus events designed for your enjoyment; The Back to School Bash and Spring Fling are examples of such events. (You’re actually paying for your free food.)

Study sessions: You will want to have study groups with your classmates. There are many places on campus to meet, and one of the most popular is Bishop Gerber for its convenience and comfort. A few other good study spots you could visit: the study rooms in the library, the tables spread around DeMattias (sometimes worth exploring), and the picnic tables outside the Sacred Heart when the weather is nice .

Homework: All teachers have a “late work” policy. Don’t let that stress you out. If you have an emergency, most are willing to work with you if you contact them.

Working hours: Your teachers want to help you succeed. Pay attention to your schedule and know their office hours. They are there to help you. If they didn’t want to, they went home.

Emails: Newman does his best not to clog your email. It can be overwhelming looking at your inbox, but stay up to date with your messages. You don’t want to miss upcoming events or class information from your teachers.

Library: Dugan’s library has more to offer than the books on its shelves. It also has an online data system, study rooms, computers and friendly staff ready to help if you have any questions.

Mental Health: Newman offers mental health assistance to people struggling with stress, anxiety, depression, and more. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask. At the bottom of each program is information about free therapy and counseling.

club: There are many opportunities for you to get involved. Joining a club doesn’t mean you’re stuck there. Take the time to explore and see what you like; contact different clubs or attend meetings. You might find something you like and make new friends. Some of the most popular clubs on campus are MCLO, ASA, HALO, NUMPC, Sloppy Joes (NTC) and many more. To find a list of clubs and meetings, visit the “Student Activities” page on Newman’s website. https://newmanu.edu/campus-life/student-activities/campus-clubs

SGA: The Student Government Association is a group of students who want to improve student life. You do not need to be a member to attend meetings; They are open door. If you want to start an initiative, come to the meeting. Senators represent the student body, of which you are a part. You can also run for office this fall or wait until spring to run for office next year. Meetings are held from noon to 1 a.m. Tuesdays at the Dugan Conference Center.

Sleep: In all honesty, you will get less than you want. It will be difficult to find time to rest due to homework and busy schedules. Find time to take a nap or meditate.

Restaurants: With a busy schedule, you’ll want cheap food that you can buy late at night. West Street, of course, has a 24-hour McDonald’s. It is also home to a gem known as Rene’s which serves homemade Mexican food 24/7.

Coffee: Newman no longer has a café on campus. While you can still get a simple coffee through Campus Ministry, the Fuel Station, and other organizations, the best places to get that morning boost nearby are Scooter’s, Dunkin’, and QuickTrip stores on West Street.

Cafeteria: If you eat in the cafeteria, the deli station at lunch is the best option in my opinion. I would also suggest going during breakfast whenever you can as it is always good. Dinner can be a bit uneven. A student favorite is chicken fillets. On steak night the cuts are usually medium done, but our amazing kitchen staff will bring you out the back to give you a rare cut if you ask.

Fun: You go to college to get an education, but you live to have fun. Enjoy your time here. Make sure you have a hobby that helps you relax.

PHOTO: Courtesy Photo, University Relations