Advent Galaxy(TM), Division of TGI and AllStarHealth Brands Retain GIANT.NET to Explore Own Crypto Creation and NFT Development

MIAMI, FL/ACCESSWIRE/March 25, 2022/ TGI SOLAR POWER GROUP INC. (“TGI”), a technology-diversified, eco-efficient real estate development company currently developing Advent City: 700 Villas, 120 Garden Apartments, Shopping and Entertainment Centers in Mexico’s Yucatan region, announced today that it has signed an active development agreement with advise and assist AdventGalaxyMT to create its own cryptocurrency and collection of non-fungible tokens, with future plans that include filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for additional trademarks.

The latest preparation is an important milestone for ADVENT GALAXY™️, as its leadership prepares to take “giant” steps to participate in the Metaverse trend seen in modern society; a virtual world that mixes aspects of digital technologies, entertainment and commerce. will help Advent’s management develop the digital currency strategy, NFTs, and create a Mega Mall with new products planned and sourcing from top brands around the world.

“Advent continuously explores new and emerging technologies that can shape the future of society,” said Samuel Epstein, chief operating officer of TGI. “We hope to have many more exciting news and partnerships to share soon, and it should be noted that we are always on the lookout for new ideas and technologies as part of the innovation process.”

Peter Wanner, President of ALST said: “The additions of CRYPTO and NFT will help create a real brand for ADVENT GALAXY™ and a strong buzz both in the crypto community and with business, lifestyle and technology media, and would also help attract new new young audiences to our ADVENT GALAXY MEGA MALL and social media channels. ALST is proud to be an affiliate and partner in this great technological experiment”

The partnership with is exciting in many ways for Advent. GIANT is a creative agency made up of a team of online veterans and internet marketing experts who are passionate about helping brands, products and ideas reach their full potential.

GIANT team members have years of experience creating world-class online presences, effective online marketing campaigns and offer comprehensive digital agency services including graphic design, development Complete web and web design, copywriting, and social media proficiency with one purpose: to help brands connect effectively and powerfully with their customers. With GIANT.netwhen a great product exists and the general public needs to know about it, anything is possible.

The ADVENT™️ MEGA mall will become a central meeting place and center for important social interactions between people of different backgrounds and age groups. Underlying technology powered by ROOMFUL.NET, allows you to replace your purchases with a virtual mall in the metaverse. Entertainment zones, meeting and interacting with your friends in a cafe in real time, is the future. Doing business in coworking spaces without leaving home is the future. An ADVENT™️ VR/ AR MEGA mall is coming soon and will come true thanks to ADVENT GALAXY, powered by founder, Chase Gassert, the expression and statement of the current state of the dominant trend of “Metaverse” is that not only is it underdeveloped, but also, “The Metaverse” is not a unique idea or an original concept; it’s a logical progression in the modern world, and not only is it still in its infancy…it’s more akin to something that should be referred to as a “multiverse” by the average end user. More than likely there will be more than one “metaverse” built and maintained by several large tech companies that will be adopted by the mainstream, and in the long run it will be a combination of VR and AR as the market grows . The more it becomes immersive, but also practical and useful to ordinary mortals, the more it will contribute to redefining our daily lives.”

That said, Chase says that the more the solutions become “more compelling in experience, really immersive and multi-dimensional, and as long as that meaning can be essentially underpinned in a blockchain, we’re going to see an explosion of things being created, traded, collected in NFTs and into a new virtual world that is an abstraction of our current reality.”

About Roomful: Roomful is a powerful and advanced 3D multiverse, and one of the most robust forward-thinking platforms for metaverses, alternate digital realities, including where people work, play, share content, and socialize. Roomful Studio’s ready-to-use 3D models allow any business or user to create highly engaging interactive and memorable experiences for trade shows, virtual offices, art fairs, science fairs, social spaces, interactive classrooms and virtual museums. Roomful’s metaverse technology allows anyone to deploy an immersive 3D environment for participants’ private social network. This includes trade shows, celebrity events, pop culture, private events and more.

About TGI Solar: TGI SOLAR POWER GROUP INC. is a diversified holding company. TGI’s strategy is to acquire innovative and patented technologies, components, processes, designs and methods with commercial value that will provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace and generate shareholder value.

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