AEW Fanbase called “AEW Galaxy” on Dynamite

Jericho Appreciation Society’s ‘Cool Hand’ Angelo Parker called AEW fans the ‘AEW Galaxy’ tonight dynamite.

Before their in-ring showdown with Eddie Kingston, Santana and Ortiz, Parker said sports entertainers are best for business.

“The greatest promoter in the world, Tony Khan, gave this time to the Jericho Appreciation Society because he knows, like everyone here, that sports entertainers are best for business,” Parker said. “Now for this to sit down, we had to give Tony Khan our word, just like we give you our word – the AEW Galaxy. There will be absolutely no physicality here tonight. It’s agreed. »

Kingston, Santana and Ortiz then came out to face their rivals. At one point, Kingston mentioned that he doesn’t care about “that sports-entertainment shit” and would rather Jericho end the shtick.

The JAS then goaded Kingston, Santana, and Orton into punching them, since the pre-agreement didn’t require any physical fitness.

Jericho then told Kingston, “Go ahead, punch me and get fired one more time. No wrestling company wants you!

The segment ended with Kingston giving Jericho a stern warning.

Later dynamite, the JAS attacked Kingston backstage. Kingston even had a ball of fire launched in his faceas seen below.

Although fans on social media have previously referred to the AEW fanbase as “AEW Galaxy”, this was the first instance of an AEW wrestler using the term on television.

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