Android Auto allegedly fixes Galaxy S22 blank screen issue

Problems with Android Auto are unfortunately relatively common, and for the better part of a year the platform fought back against an issue with the Galaxy S22. Now Google says this should be fixed.

Since February this year, Galaxy S22 owners have been complaining about problems with Android Auto. The most common issue was seeing the screen go almost completely blank, showing no apps, only Android Auto’s bottom bar controls.

Over the past few months, the question has garnered hundreds of comments on Google’s forums.

In May, Google said it fixed some of those issues with the release of Android Auto 7.7, and now the company says the issue has been fully resolved. A comment from a member of the Android Auto team earlier this week confirms that Google has “implemented a fix” present in Android Auto 7.7 and later, implying that new versions of the app will further address this issue.

For some, the fix apparently worked, with Android Auto versions 7.7 and 7.8 restoring compatibility between the Galaxy S22 and various cars and head units. But, this does not seem to have been a global solution. Some users are still reporting issues, and some are even claiming that new updates have broken Android Auto support on their device when it was working before.

Obviously, there’s still work to be done on this issue, but Google hasn’t completely closed the thread. There is still hope that the central problem can be solved soon. Google has also started investigating an issue that causes Android Auto Wireless to sometimes have a blank screen.

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