Anna Fishbeyn’s GALAXY 360: A WOMAN’S PLAYGROUND premieres at the Toronto Film Festival after its first SOLD OUT screening

“‘Galaxy 360’ was wonderfully humorous and rather allegorical at the same time, especially the juxtaposition of roles and the reversal of beauty pageants” – Bill Zook, COO and Producer, 8ball Entertainment

“You’ll be rolling with laughter” – Steve Owens, film producer

“The star is fabulous! What an incredible achievement to write, direct and star in it” – Richie Rich, fashion designer and television personality

“Anna tackles a really challenging and challenging subject in a very unique way, and the result is a powerful meditation on our society. It’s also quite funny. There’s nothing quite like ‘Galaxy 360’! ” – Liliane Jardin, film seller

“If I could only say one thing about ‘Galaxy 360’ it would be this: Take every man you know to see this movie” – Tracy Lamourie, Lamourie Media

Industry insiders will be treated to an exclusive screening of feminist sci-fi comedy “Galaxy 360” at 8:00 p.m. on September 15 at the Toronto International Film Festival. The first screening, scheduled for September 13, sold out in 24 hours. The bold and subversive film is written and directed by Anna Fishbeyn, who also stars in this satire on gender roles set in the year 2195, when women rule the world.

Anna plays Illumina, a giant media personality overseeing a male beauty pageant. Behind the scenes, there’s drama, tears, and insecurity from the male contestants, who perform to wow the judges in this scintillating, kitsch, yet thought-provoking twist.

The response to the film has been fantastic so far, said Anna “It was amazing: people laughed, which any comedy director can hope for, but they also reacted to the harrowing truths of the film.

People came to me at the end and told me that this movie touched them and made them see things they hadn’t seen before.

It was important to me that the men had such a strong visceral response to the film, because I hope the film will open men up more to women and help them experience the world, if only for an hour and a half, from women’s point of view. ”

Anna added that the themes of the film are “Incredibly timely.”

She says “We continue to progress, but certainly not enough. And we also continue to face new challenges that send us back in time, like the reversal of Roe vs Wade and the rise in domestic violence during the pandemic.

We still live in a world where our appearance, our clothes, our sexual attractiveness on social media matters so much that it obscures everything else in women’s lives. This creates the same cycle where young girls are taught to care more about their looks than their accomplishments and careers, and women are kept out of power and wealth.

Tickets for the film’s premiere screening at the Toronto International Film Festival, which sold out in 24 hours. The second screening at the Festival will take place on September 15.

Photos courtesy of Getty Images (©Michael Tullberg), Anteriya Films and Sebastian Gabsch