Astronomers Locate A Distant Galaxy Where They’re Getting Angry At The End Of The Sopranos

WASHINGTON- A team of astronomers has released a new report detailing their recent discovery of a galaxy thousands of light years away populated by hyper-intelligent trans-dimensional aliens who are getting angry and upset right now at the end of the divide of The Sopranos.

“It’s really hard to have to watch a highly evolved intergalactic society crumble and know that you can’t save them from countless years of theories and annoying online posts to come,” the senior astronomer said. Clark Grant. “Is Tony dead?” Did he live? These are the questions that will forever torment, regardless of their bizarre Reddit alien equivalent. If only we had been able to warn them of the anti-climactic and unsatisfying finale, we might have been able to save them from all this… My heart trembles the day they will have wind of the The iron Throne final, may their foreign God have mercy on them all.

The team detailed how they discovered this galactic society and their distinctly Sopranos-inspired hustle.

“We noticed a strong, consistent signal coming from a distant, distant galaxy,” said astronomer Lindsay Byrant. “Turns out we had uncovered posts from a viral galactic message board where millions of distraught otherworldly voices had come together to shit at the end of the show. Of course, there were apologists, but from what we can understand from the records we have found, many were quickly hanged according to the laws of their civilization.

Series creator David Chase feels conflicted with his now intergalactic audience.

“You mean even alien civilizations don’t have an end?” Chase said in replying to his tenth hateful email of the day at 9am: ‘I’m disappointed no one got the ending, I thought that made it clear he was dead, or at least that he was dead. was on purpose, but I guess I gave too many people too much credit. I often lie down at night and stare out the window, wondering if there is a society advanced enough to get what I was looking for… I guess we’ll just have to keep looking.

As of press time, the team of astronomers had decided to try and send warning signals around the universe warning of any other intelligent life that The Many Saints of Newark is quite disappointing.