Bluetooth Auracast can help Galaxy devices deliver much better wireless audio sharing

Modern Samsung smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth 5.0 (or newer versions) offer wireless audio sharing, but this is limited to just two headphones or speakers. In the future, this could expand to an unlimited number of nearby devices, thanks to a new Bluetooth technology that has been unveiled today.

Bluetooth Auracast gives smartphones, tablets, laptops and other audio transmitters the ability to stream audio wirelessly to an unlimited number of Bluetooth receivers. This opens up multiple possibilities and improves various scenarios, including better public announcements at airports and train stations. Users can share their music with different people around them through one device. People in a bar can watch a game without disturbing others.

This new technology is based on Bluetooth LE Audio, which offers improved audio quality without aptX or the Samsung Scalable Codec. This opens up possibilities for better hearing-related accessibility features. Google, Xiaomi, and Hearing Loss Association of America have already promised to support Bluetooth Auracast. Other brands of smartphones, tablets, laptops, PCs and smartwatches, including Samsungmay soon start supporting this standard in their next devices.

Mark Powell, CEO of Bluetooth SIG, said:The launch of Auracast streaming audio will trigger another massive shift in the wireless audio market. The ability to stream and share audio using Bluetooth technology will reshape personal audio and enable venues and public spaces to deliver audio experiences that improve visitor satisfaction and increase accessibility.

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