BTS to headline Samsung Mobile 2022 Galaxy Unboxing on August 10 as official brand partners

As an official brand partner, BTS will be honoring Samsung Mobile’s Galaxy Unpack 2022 on Wednesday, August 10 at 10 p.m. KST (6:30 p.m. IST).

BTS will unveil a new “folding video” of the septet yet to come, which will premiere during the event, and the video will be shown on giant screens in popular tourist locations such as Times Square in New York.

ARMYs are excited to watch Bangtan’s special event and are eagerly waiting to see how the event plays out. Check out some reactions below.

@SamsungMobile 💜🇮🇳🙏 can’t wait 💜💜 purple you bts💜🔥🔥🔥

Fans are in awe of how everything is painted purple in the Evidence honor of the singers and I can’t wait to see how the event unfolds.

ARMYs have set their alarms and are ready to welcome Bangtan members with open arms.

BTS is ready to launch the “Bora Purple” edition of the Galaxy S22 in partnership with Samsung

Brands like Samsung really use Bora Purple. Of course, regarding the obvious use of “bora” and the color purple, it reminds us @BTS_twt. Thanks to Taehyung’s creative spirit.

Bangtan members will be collaborating with Samsung for their ambitious ‘Greater’ campaign, showcasing their new range of flip phones. During this event, they will launch the new “Bora Purple” edition of the Galaxy S22 phones, which will also be the theme color for Samsung’s campaign.

For the uninitiated, “Bora” is purple in Korean and is Bangtan’s signature color, christened by member V during the group’s fifth celebration. The brand is confident that with Bangtan’s association with its “Greater” campaign, the world will be colored “Bora Purple”.

“Violet color wave, will soon sweep the world.”

– Evento de Unboxing 🎁Samsung x BTS”Nuestra icónica combination de colors Bora Purple abarca la diversidad y el optimismo, estamos pintando la ciudad de púrpura. Samsung and BTS have teamed up for a estreno transatlántico del video plegable ‘Yet to Come’ el 10 by agosto.+

After August 10, Samsung Electronics will open pop-up stores in New York and London, where customers can experience the new Galaxy S22 “Bora Purple” phones. The event will start on August 11 and will last until August 31.

BTS collaborates with Smart Communications to bring new variants of TinyTAN

It’s raining collaborations for Bangtan. After Samsung, the K-pop behemoths have launched a new partnership with Smart Communications to bring a new line of uniquely licensed products for TinyTAN (Bangtan created animated characters).

This also includes 5G-enabled SIM packs and subscriber-exclusive charging cards. ARMYs can experience Smart’s fastest mobile network with their Smart SIM TinyTAN Edition, which comes with one character card per pack.

Fans can collect eight special-edition TinyTAN character cards by purchasing a 5G-enabled SIM pack.

Bangtan continues its impressive reign on the Billboard charts. For the week ending August 13, the septet’s anniversary anthology album, Evidence, arrived at number 62 on the Billboard 200.

Evidence was also ranked 53 on Billboard’s Top Selling Albums chart, while The Bangtan ranked 83 on the Artist 100.

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