Buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab A at a discount during our big refurbishment sale

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We’ve all become so inundated with technology that it’s hard to remember life without scrolling. And, because we absolutely love (or love to hate) being fully connected at all times, you’ll need a reliable product to keep you going in a world where we the unsuspecting pawns are always three steps behind ( apparently super snobby) Palo Alto folks. Stay up to date with an affordable tablet like this refurbished Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which is on sale for $119.99 during our refurbished event, which runs September 17-30.

Winner 8/10 on MyNextTablet and SamMobile, this Samsung Galaxy Tab A 2017 is a great little tablet for reading, working and relaxing. Equipped with Android 7.0 Nougat and a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, this little guy keeps your internet and app experiences smooth and simple. It works over WiFi, so you can pick up where you left off on Wordle wherever you find a signal (which is everywhere in 2022).

Let’s also take a second to revel in the huge storage space of the Galaxy Tab A. It has 16GB for all your documents, photos and videos. If you need to update those photos or videos, the 8MP and 5MP cameras ensure your images are stellar. Snap yourself a silly selfie while enjoying crystal clear vision (even if it’s a live look at that huge pimple on your forehead).

And don’t worry about the refurbished status. With a “B” grade rating, you might find minor cosmetic damage like scratches and dents, but the tablet itself is tested to work like new. This means you won’t have to think twice about getting beaten up here and there.

Get the Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which also includes an AC charger, for $119.99 (Reg. $299) – no coupon code required! Hurry, this offer is part of our Refurbished event, which ends September 30.

Prices subject to change.