Drop test shows Samsung Galaxy S22 flat screen is quite easy to damage

In drop tests with the Galaxy S22 Ultra, the curved sides of the display were identified as a weak point. Does this mean that the Samsung Galaxy S22, which has a flat screen, is more resistant? PBK Reviews tried to find out.

Long story short, you really should put on a screen protector, Gorilla Glass Victus+ is prone to cracking even at waist height. If the phone hits the metal side of the pavement, it bumps, but it’s usually fine. Dropping glass downwards (whether Victus+ front or rear glass) causes cracks.

Keep in mind that replacing the screen on the vanilla Galaxy S22 costs $200 unless you subscribe to Samsung Care+ (which brings the repair cost down to $29). Note: The repair pricing page appears to have been removed from Samsung.com, but you can easily check the cached version. Also, the back isn’t immune to damage, so putting on a case might be a good idea.

Here are some relevant prices for screen replacements:

Model Screen Replacement Cost (in US)
Galaxy S22 Ultra $289
Galaxy S22+ $229
Galaxy S22 $199
Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G $289
Galaxy S21+ 5G $229
Galaxy S21 5G $199
Galaxy S21 FE 5G $169