Dubai-centered Galaxy Racer partners with India’s Tyroo energy growth

Dubai-based Galaxy Racer partners with Tyroo’s energy growth in India

galaxy runnera global transmedia house focused on esports, gaming and lifestyle, announced a strategic partnership with a leading APAC-based advertising technology platform for growth, Tyroo. Using Tyroo’s expertise and resources, Galaxy Racer aims to create unique and engaging activations for its creators that will help them monetize and grow their influence while engaging with brands. Through research-driven and data-driven marketing solutions, Galaxy Racer and Tyroo aim to disrupt, redefine and create value for India’s gaming and esports industry.

Commenting on the association, Romeo Misao, Country Manager, India, Galaxy Racer, said, “At Galaxy Racer, we have been relentlessly focused on growing our presence in India and investing in a growing number of local content creators. We are thrilled to partner with an AdTech pioneer like Tyroo and look forward to taking a research-based, data-driven approach to supporting our creators. We have constantly strived to create an inclusive, holistic and experience-driven culture for the Indian gaming and esports sector and our association with Tyroo will help us in our crusade to redefine this space.

“We believe that games, in-app advertising and esports offer brands a huge opportunity to reach untapped audiences. Brands are looking to expand their media plans to connect with consumers as the world continues to change. moving towards a privacy-centric world. We want to create an ecosystem powered by data, transparency, and unique audiences for our customers. We believe this partnership will contribute to our team’s common goal and impact the landscape. gaming and esports with our innovative solutions,” said Akshay Mathur, Revenue Manager, Tyroo.

With a global presence spanning the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe, Galaxy Racer manages over 100 content creators with over 500 million subscribers, generating over 2.5 billion monthly views. It has 5 key verticals, including Competitive Teams (Nigma Galaxy, the merger between Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer), Content Creators (GXR Creators), Content and Event Production (GXR Studios), consumption (GXR Limited) and GXR Records, a newly created record label.

Tyroo offers split-funnel marketing solutions, including a creative experience SaaS platform. The company recently incubated its game division – Tyroo Comet. Galaxy Racer has partnered exclusively with Tyroo Comet to create brand partnerships across its media portfolio in the Indian market. Leveraging Tyroo Comet’s exclusive live streaming media technology solutions for brands, Galaxy Racer will strive to grow its esports and gaming content creator IPs in 2022 and beyond.