Everything Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE has in store for you

Busy and hectic city lives often require most of us to multi-task in our daily lives. And it is not always possible for one person to be able to complete all the tasks at all times. Getting help is completely acceptable. And the good news is that technology is available to help us in these rapid digital times to not only meet our demands for work, but also for leisure and recreation. One such device carefully designed to meet customers’ ever-changing needs and simplify their lives is the Galaxy Tab S7 FE from tech giant Samsung, a leading brand for decades in innovation.

With a vibrant display with 120Hz refresh rate, cinematic sound with quad-speaker sound by AKG and Dolby Atmos, high gaming performance with Snapdragon 778G chipset, high productivity with a giant 10 090 mAh and a seamless writing experience with an S Pen, the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is ready to change the way you work and play! Let’s dive deeper into each of these features to find out what’s in store for you:

Feel ease and simplicity with a sleek, simple and minimal design

Available in four beautiful, iconic colors – Mystic Black, Mystic Silver, Mystic Green and Mystic Pink – this device looks clean, sleek and minimalist. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE sports a slim form factor that keeps the tab within easy reach, making your grip super comfortable. It houses a solid camera on the back. It’s like carrying a power station that looks like a paperweight in your hand! Very easy…

Rock your day with dynamic display and cinematic sound

You can soak up all the vibrant colors on the Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s 31.50 cm (12.4″) display! Its vibrant, colorful display lets the details shine through without impacting your eyes. How? low blue light screen, you can watch all your favorite shows!Another highlight is its cinematic experience, which is enhanced by AKG’s incredible sound and dual speakers.Plus, Dolby Atmos creates immersive surround sound for all the times you want to watch your favorite movies or shows!

Boost your productivity or gaming with a powerful processor

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE features a high-performance Snapdragon 778G chipset that keeps you streaming and gaming super smooth and fast. And for all the times you want to easily multitask, you can launch up to three apps at once and work on them simultaneously! Plus, with over 1TB of storage, when you use a microSD card, all your important files (business or personal) will be at your fingertips wherever you go.

And speaking of boosting productivity, you can’t miss Samsung DeX, which gives you access to your apps and files and lets you easily open things via the intuitive and streamlined taskbar. The app order layout syncs with your app screen, so you can quickly find the app you want. Use it with the Samsung keyboard and enjoy a whole new level of convenience!

Refuel the device in no time!

Believe it or not, hours and hours will pass before you think to charge the Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s 10,090 mAh battery. It can last up to 13 hours while watching videos, giving you plenty of time for a streaming marathon. And with 45W super-fast charging, you can be back to full charge before you know it!

Enjoy a crystal clear experience with its stunning camera

Did you know you can switch your tab to landscape mode for crystal clear video calling? Yes, the relocated front camera keeps you in the center of the screen. And such is the design that when you speak, your voice comes through clearly with the three microphones built around the display. Plus, the 8MP front camera lets you click memorable, clear and crisp images, it’s an absolute steal!

Meet the S Pen and all you can do with it!

This revolutionary technology with low latency and a soft tip will surprise you with its usefulness. For all the times you want to easily organize your thoughts or take notes, this device can almost magically turn your handwriting into tidy text in real time. It also lets you edit text with simple gestures. You can also use the Noteshelf app, which gives you more options for taking notes. Whether you prefer using the S Pen or typing, its smooth note taking comes naturally when you’re learning or creating. And while you’re taking notes, the app will automatically recommend titles by analyzing content and suggest hashtags to keep all your notes organized. Really crazy?

There is more!

Create art like the pros

To channel your inner creative instinct and bring out a pro-level artist, you can use the S Pen with Clip Studio Paint. With the help of storyboarding, inking, and other tools, you can bring your creative vision to the screen like never before. Still looking for a bonus? The application is absolutely free for 6 months! Speaking of apps, also meet the so called PENUP app, a massive social network for design lovers or enthusiasts who like to draw, share and interact, inspire and get inspiration from other creators. And when you’re done with all that, it magnetically snaps to the side for easy transport – there’s no need to charge the S Pen.

Did we say the Galaxy Tab S7 FE is like having a companion by your side wherever you go, whether it’s for work, play or play? You can get your hands on this beauty on online e-commerce sites like Amazon, Flipkart, and also on Samsung website. For more information on offers and prices, click on here.

So why wait? Grab the most talked about tab in town now if you want to feel comfortable while multitasking or escaping into the world of leisure and entertainment wherever you go!

Disclaimer: The article was produced on behalf of Samsung by Times Internet Spotlight Team.