Find out what happened to Samsung’s Galaxy Upcycling program over the past year

A year has passed and Samsung’s Galaxy Upcycling program continues to grow, so let’s see what happened!

Featured Samsung EYELIKE 2022


Samsung EYELIKE 2 2022Since the introduction of EYELIKE in Morocco, Samsung has established accessible eye care services by partnering with Global Care and many other organizations, they have repurposed 60 units of older smartphones into EYELIKE Fundus Camera. Local optometrists use the camera to screen thousands of patients.

Samsung EYELIKE 1 2022

Samsung has also taken a similar initiative in India to provide the local hospital with the right tools to reach even more patients without the accessibility of eye care services. As the camera is already portable in nature, it helps optometrists to reach remote villages more easily and people with potential eye diseases to access outreach programs more easily.

Samsung EYELIKE 3 2022

In Papua New Guinea, health facilities often struggle to find trained ophthalmologists and vital equipment, as there are only 14 trained ophthalmologists and three fundus cameras in the whole country. Thanks to the partnership program and EYELIKE fundus cameras, the country is able to expand care and screening services. Jambi Garap, chairman of the National Committee for the Prevention of Blindness, said they are now training more doctors to help diagnose patients and improve people’s understanding of the diseases they suffer from.

Samsung plans to elevate the partnership through continued technical support and open collaboration for ongoing nationwide patient training and screening. This includes efforts to reduce environmental impact and reshape consumer experiences through their sustainability platform, Galaxy for the Planet. EYELIKE specifically helps Samsung achieve its goal of zero waste to landfill and reduced e-waste by 2025.

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