Galaxy Backbone Nigeria and Microsoft to Create Job Opportunities for Nigerian Youths

Galaxy Backbone Plc. in collaboration with Microsoft Nigeria is poised to create employment opportunities for young Nigerians through the Government Wide Messaging and Collaboration Project (GWMC) Employable Skills Development Internship Program (ESDIP) based on the platform- form Microsoft.

The ESDIP initiative is a project to provide capacity development programs and training in the federal public sector for the already deployed GWMC platform, while improving the adoption and use of the platform.

Galaxy backbone is a government agency responsible for providing a common information and communications technology platform to federal government departments, departments and agencies.

Thus, Galaxy Backbone will enhance government modernization through increased adoption of the government-wide messaging platform already deployed, elevate the stature of government data security, ensuring that all sensitive government communications move from messaging infrastructure to the secure and award-winning (United Nations Public Service Award 2013 – Category “Promoting Whole-of-Government Approaches in the Information Age”) and help drive the development of skills and contribute to employability/job creation in the country.

Gerald Ilukwe, CEO of Galaxy Backbone, said in his remarks, “The government-wide messaging and collaboration platform (GWMC) is about efficiency, cost savings, increased productivity and delivering efficient delivery of public services to citizens by modernizing the way public servants communicate. within the government. For Galaxy, there is a link with the Employable Skills Development Internship Program (ESDIP), which is a capacity building initiative that aims to improve the employability of market participants. The key is to empower officials and interns to be more effective and efficient in their efforts”.

Given the strategic nature of the project, Microsoft will provide support in key areas including “change management” – to build capacity, drive benefits management, and drive early and rapid adoption of the solution by end users.

The organization will also partner with Integral Assets Limited (a capability consultancy firm) for the recruitment of interns, delivery of train-the-trainer sessions for interns – WP8 and MS Outlook, on-site activation of devices and training of civil servants, making GWMC the foundation of the e-government journey to Gov3.0, among others.

Speaking on the partnership, Olayinka Oni, Chief Technology Officer of Microsoft Nigeria, explained that “the objective of the program is to train trainees to develop transferable and employable skills that will facilitate their placement in organizations. At the same time , leverage interns to support the GWMC program through the distribution of devices and training beneficiaries in the use of the devices.

Under this program, Microsoft will distribute over 500 Windows phones in support of the GWMC program, while Integral Assets Limited will recruit and train the interns on Microsoft’s behalf who would be responsible for distributing these phones to their respective recipients. .

The Employable Skills Development Internship Program (ESDIP) with GWMC will continue until January 30, 2014 and Microsoft is targeting a placement of 75% of interns in companies, particularly the partner community upon completion of the program.

Interns will participate in a comprehensive 10-week training program covering MS Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, report writing, interpersonal effectiveness, time management, Windows Phone 8, customer service, communication skills. employment and maintenance, etc. Each trainee will also receive a 20 page Insights Discovery Personality Profile to facilitate self and social awareness based on an online assessor.

Galaxy backbone is a government agency responsible for providing a common information and communications technology platform to federal government departments, departments and agencies.