Galaxy Racer Reveals India and South Asia Expansion Plans

galaxy runnerthe largest esports, a global gaming and lifestyle organization, has announced plans to focus more on India and the South Asian market. With a market presence in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, South Asia and Europe, Galaxy Racer manages over 100 content creators with over 500 million subscribers.

This generates over 2.5 billion monthly views. Currently the largest and only end-to-end talent incubator in the region, the company has onboarded top streamers from India, Bangladesh and Nepal over the past month, amassing a collective subscriber count of nearly 30 million across multiple streaming and social platforms.

Galaxy Racer has added top streamers from India, Bangladesh and Nepal as part of its expansion plans

A full-service talent incubator, Galaxy Racer has always empowered creators with lead generation, business development solutions, brand endorsement deals, creator collaborations, digital rights management, online event opportunities. online and offline, platform monetization solutions, social media management and content development.

As part of its plans to expand into India and South Asia, Galaxy Racer has added a list of top streamers in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Popular streamers who have joined the Galaxy Racer roster for South Asia include Soneeta Thapa Magar aka Soneta (~4.68 million subscribers) from Nepal, Ravichandra Vigneshwer aka Tamizhan Game (~5M subscribers), and Monika Dubey alias game girl (~3.6 million subscribers) from India, Shoikot Islam aka Itz Kabbo (~2.06 million subscribers) from Bangladesh, among several others.

Joining the above creators in Galaxy Racer’s South Asian list are names like Sarath aka Instagram player (~1.55 million subscribers), Hemant Vyas aka X Mania (~1.89 million subscribers), Arun alias Run the game (~1.34 million subscribers), Vishal Kharb aka Evil Official (~3.6 million subscribers), Revathy Kiran aka shiny fox (~786,000 subscribers), Shomita alias Hayley Sphere (~677K subscribers), and Tania alias Tania Star (Winner of ‘English Caster of the Year 2021’ at the Free Fire Esports Awards).

Additionally, Galaxy Racer has integrated one of the most popular variety streamers Pooja Bisht (~54.1K subscribers), which streams GTA, Rust, Valorant, Raft, Pummel Party, Fall Guys and Rocket League Side Swipe, among others. With these signings, Galaxy Racer has amassed approximately 30 million performing subscribers.

Elaborating on Galaxy Racer’s value proposition, Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer added: “Galaxy Racer strives to be the best talent incubator in the industry. One that invests in content creators, helping them achieve their personal goals in a structured and sustainable way. We look forward to partnering to top content creators across all segments whether gaming, esports or lifestyle and expand our presence in this dynamic market.

South Asia, particularly India, has been one of the largest digital ecosystems in the world, and it has only grown during the pandemic. It ranks among the best in the world in terms of user count, engagement, and earning potential. After successful forays into several markets around the world, India and South Asia were the natural progression of our vision to grow our market presence, with the lion’s share of our next 500 million coming from here.

Paul Roy, CEO of Galaxy Racer

Galaxy Racer Appoints Rohin Bhaumik as Head of Creators and Talent for South Asia

To further expand its network of content creators, the company has appointed Rohin Bhaumik as Head of Creators and Talent for South Asia. Rohin joins the company after two years at game publisher Garena as Creator Manager and Product Lead.

Picture via Galaxy Racer

He has also previously worked with major brands such as PUBG-Mobile, Intel, and OnePlus. While at Garena, he led the BOOYAH! teams between 2020 and 2021, building multiple IPs around creators across games such as Free fire, GTA online, and Fall guys. He was also a major player in the launch of BOOYAH! Sports in 2021.

Having worked on both sides of the gaming industry, from a publisher and brand perspective, he brings a wealth of knowledge to the Galaxy Racer team. He will bridge the gap between all stakeholders in the ecosystem, and Galaxy Racer anticipates that his knowledge and experience will bring great value to the Galaxy Racer team.

We are the largest esports, gaming and lifestyle organization in the world and we have big plans for India and South Asia. We’ve started to focus on this market by bringing in some of the biggest names in gaming and esports, but we’ll soon be expanding the list to include some of the most well-known names in lifestyle.

Romeo Misao, Marketing Manager for India and South Asia at Galaxy Racer

“We are happy to have Rohin join us and spearhead this initiative. Her in-depth knowledge of working with creators will help us deliver a holistic experience for our talent. Additionally, it will make Galaxy Racer the go-to name for talent incubation in the region. Romeo Misao also added.

In addition to building a formidable roster of esports players and content creators, Galaxy Racer will focus on diversifying its value proposition to include the lifestyle segment in the coming months. Galaxy Racer has more than 100 employees worldwide across its 5 key verticals, including Competitive Teams (Nigma Galaxy, the merger between Team Nigma and Galaxy Racer), Content Creators (GXR Creators), Content Production and Development. (GXR Studios), consumer goods (GXR Limited), and GXR Records, a new record label.

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