Galaxy S23 codename reveal brings bad news for Samsung’s 2022 foldable lineup

With the With the Galaxy Note family officially out for good and the Galaxy S22 trio slowly getting long in the tooth, it seems only natural that the undivided attention of many hardcore Samsung fans should be directed towards the fast approaching Galaxy S23 series.

Wait a minute, it’s still March 2021, which means the S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra aren’t even a month old. But while it’s definitely too early for buyers of these Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 powerhouses to consider an upgrade, the S23 family is already in the news.

That’s exactly how the rumor mill works these days, often churning out information about the “next big thing” even before the current big thing is properly released and vetted. For what it’s worth, the S23 series information revealed today isn’t particularly significant, at least for the 2023 ultra-premium handset list itself.

Samsung’s crown jewel gets an apt codename

They say diamonds are forever, and while that’s clearly not true for mobile devices, referring to an unreleased smartphone (or three) as Internal “Diamond Project” is certainly exciting.
In case you’re wondering if this codename actually means anything, we’re sad to report that we don’t really mean it. Samsung has a long history of choosing internal labels for upcoming flagships that look cool, exciting, or mysterious without apparent connection to each other or hinting at new features, designs, or upgrades in any way. whether it be.

To illustrate this, here’s how each recent hero device in the Galaxy S series was named before an official announcement:

  • Galaxy S22 Family – Rainbow (R – S22; G – S22 Plus; B – S22 Ultra)
  • Galaxy S21 – Unbound (aka Galaxy U)
  • Galaxy S20 – Hubble
  • Galaxy S10 – Beyond
  • Galaxy S9 – Star
  • Galaxy S8 – Dream
  • Galaxy S7 – Lucky Project

In short, we’re not expecting next year’s Galaxy S23 family to include a diamond-encrusted model or anything, but perhaps that choice suggests Samsung is working on ruggedness and durability at long term of its high-end handsets.

This codename reveal also seems to have arrived much earlier than usual, but before we even get to it, we should point out that it might have less to do with an early release and more with recent speculation of a mysterious new Samsung foldable.

Here’s the bad news

If the Galaxy S23 is indeed codenamed Project Diamond, that almost certainly means there’s no third foldable Galaxy in the pipeline for 2022. Sure, such a device could be planned under a different codename, but until that different codename (or device) starts rumoring around, we won’t. wouldn’t be too excited about a flexible note or roll-up handset of any kind.
With 2023 announcements now much more likely for such experimental products, it’s probably wise to focus your energy, time and money on the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, which are definitely coming out this year.
The Z Fold 4 looks particularly exciting (if not exactly revolutionary), with a built-in S Pen, vastly improved durability and an as-yet-unreleased processor under the hood likely to top its list of key selling points.

But perhaps the best news in all of this is that the Galaxy S23 leaked games are practically officially underway now that the codename is out of the bag, which generally makes it much easier for insiders to find information and to convey them to the masses. Who’s ready to feast on some juicy “Diamond” treats?