Galaxy Tab S8 gets Samsung’s smart widgets

Samsung’s Smart Widgets are coming to its Android tablets. According to a 9to5Google report, the feature is now available on the Galaxy Tab S8 for select users. Reddit user Timb1044 also claims to have it on their Galaxy tab S7. But availability seems to be quite limited at the moment. We expect Smart Widgets to roll out to more Samsung tablet users in the coming weeks.

Smart widgets, as the name suggests, make your home screen widgets smarter. Instead of cluttering the home screen with various widgets, this feature allows you to combine multiple widgets of similar size and place them all in one place. This frees up screen space for other widgets, or just for a cleaner look. Grouped widgets automatically rotate to display one at a time, although you can disable auto-rotation. You can also swipe left or right to quickly find the one you need. An indicator at the bottom will show how many widgets are in that group.

Like a single widget, grouped Smart Widgets are also resizable. You can long press on a group to resize it, add more widgets, move it to another location, or delete it. According to the new report, you can choose from three sizes: 2×2, 4×1, and 4×2.

Smart widgets appear on some Galaxy tablets

Introduced as part of One UI 4.1 earlier this year, Samsung initially kept Smart Widgets exclusive to flagship Galaxy S22 series smartphones. The Galaxy Tab S8 series also debuted with One UI 4.1, but the feature was lacking on tablets. The Korean firm even omitted Smart Widgets from the One UI 4.1 update for some other devices. The Galaxy S21 series got it, but no other device did.

Samsung hasn’t explained why Smart Widgets aren’t built into other Galaxy smartphones and tablets. After all, it wasn’t a very complex feature. But in recent weeks, Smart Widgets have started rolling out to some older Samsung devices with the One UI 4.1 update. It looks like the Galaxy Tab S8 series is also earning it. Maybe the company had some work to do and delayed the feature until now.

The new report speculates that a recent update for the Galaxy Tab S8 may have added Smart Widgets. Samsung’s latest flagship tablets are currently receiving the May security update in Europe. For users who haven’t gotten the Smart Widgets yet, this update might bring it. Galaxy Tab S7 series users may also receive Smart Widgets with a new update in the coming weeks.