Galaxy Watch 4 sale: Save $100 on Samsung’s latest smartwatch

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Trying to hit your fitness goals without the proper feedback is like trying to hit a target in the dark. So instead of guessing your heart rate or not knowing how many steps you’ve taken in a day, why not get a device that gives you that data?

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 features advanced sensors to monitor your heart rate in real time and provide comprehensive body composition readings to get the most out of your routine. The best part? It’s currently $100 off in the 40mm size and is a fully functional wearOS smartwatch.

You can customize your workouts and fitness goals with the comprehensive data provided here and it has sensors to read skeletal muscle, body fat, body mass index, and body water, among others. You can also take an ECG, see your real-time heart rate, and manage your daily activity levels. Even better, the watch recognizes six popular activities, from running to swimming, and automatically starts recording your progress within three minutes.

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The Galaxy Watch 4 can also track your cardio endurance with VO2 Max technology that assesses your oxygen levels to manage and track your heart and lung endurance. medical grade results.

You can connect your Samsung Galaxy or Android smartphone to the Galaxy Watch to quickly access all of your phone’s features right on your wrist. Your calls, texts, notifications and music streaming are all accessible with just a touch of the screen. The Google Assistant is also built into the Watch 4, and you can pay with your watch using Google Wallet.

Monitor your health and achieve your fitness goals with the Galaxy Watch 4 40mm smartwatch.

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