Guardians of the Galaxy fixes Peter and Star-Lord’s terrible MCU relationship

The video game version of Guardians of the Galaxy differs in many ways from the MCU movies, and arguably one of the biggest changes is for the better.

One of the engines of the MCU guardians of the galaxy is the relationship between Star-Lord and Gamora. While the couple have had a hot and cold romantic entanglement over the years, the MCU’s take on the couple’s relationship is a major building factor in both the standalone films and the Avengers fasteners. However, the game has chosen a different path for the partnership between the two.

2021 Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy takes a different approach, with the characters having a much friendlier relationship. The game takes place shortly after the group has formed, with no member of the team really trusting each other or their leader. The Guardians slowly learn to trust each other, which becomes one of the main plot elements of the game. The developer’s choice not to have a romantic attraction between Star-Lord and Gamora only strengthens this plot. several ways.

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Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora and Peter on Knowhere.

One of the most important distinctions is the way the two characters interact and solve their problems. When there is a romantic relationship, some resolutions become easy to resolve in a story. Removing it forces the characters to talk to each other differently and allows for more varied reasons for their actions. Guardians show that with simple, serious moments like Star-Lord giving Gamora a doll and learning how Thanos raised his daughters. The concept of receiving something without a second thought shocks Gamora, and the act is reinforced because Star-Lord is not swayed by a desire for his feelings to be reciprocated.

The game, however, focuses on more than Star-Lord’s association with the Guardians. Each of them has a chance to prove themselves. Gamora must come to terms with her actions in the past and the people she has hurt. She expects the Guardians to turn on her, but neither of them do, thanks to the relationships they build with each other throughout the game. This emotion is allowed to develop. ‘itself away from any outside influence, and their opinion is not influenced by the relationship of their leader. The result is a much stronger bond between the five Guardians, perhaps even stronger than those of their movie counterparts.

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While there is no word on the game’s sequel, a sequel could advance the development of Star-Lord and Gamora’s relationship. A sequel might even take the two one step closer to a relationship, but one can’t help but wonder if that would hurt other potential plot points. The game ends with the teasing of the entire crew working together to help raise and protect Nikki Gold, after all. This plotline would be fascinating to see in an action / comedy game, but its development could be weakened if its attention were divided by a love story.

While guardians of the galaxy still takes some influence from his on-screen universe, there are enough differences to keep audiences interested. Whereas the game could have simply disconnected completely from the movies, but instead gives players a chance to see familiar characters in a different light. The subtle changes help promote this as a different story while maintaining the original connection.

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