How to sign up for Guardians of Galaxy Cosmic Rewind preview dates

Walt Disney World has sent invitation emails and opened booking for Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind annual passholder previews at Epcot. We’ve got the details and how to sign up in case you’re one of the many APs who haven’t received an email.

Reservations can be made by any eligible Walt Disney World Annual Passholder. You do NOT need the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind AP invitation email – all you need is the link, and luckily we have it!

You also won’t need to make a separate Disney Park Pass reservation to enter Epcot on the day of your Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind preview, but applicable Walt Disney World AP blackout dates DO apply. (Luckily, there are a ton of eligible dates, so this should be easy to work around.)

Here are Walt Disney World’s other terms and conditions for the Preview: “Limit one Preview entry per pass holder. Capacity and space are limited and subject to availability. Entries are only valid on specific preview dates and times. Admission is not guaranteed. Pre-registration required. Valid Walt Disney World Annual Pass card and valid photo ID required at check-in.

“Registration and early bird admission are non-transferable and are void if sold or otherwise transferred. Hours of operation, activities and locations are subject to availability, closures and change or cancellations without notice or liability. This preview entry does not require an additional Disney Park Pass theme park reservation to enter EPCOT on the day of your preview. Valid theme park admission required for entry to the park and subject to applicable pass locks.

Here’s a preview of the Cosmic Rewind AP Preview email:

For some reason, only certain annual pass holders received this invitation. Just because they’re the only ones eligible doesn’t… that’s just how Disney’s communication system seems to work. Our batting average for anything from Walt Disney World, whether paper mailings, magnets, or emails, is around .500 at best.

Sarah received this Guardians of the Galaxy AP Preview email, not me.

To register for FREE Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Annual Passholder Previews at Walt Disney World, follow these steps, IN THIS ORDER:

  1. Open an incognito/private browser window
  2. Log in to

Note that this link is sometimes capricious. You may need to log out of My Disney Experience, log back in, etc., in order for it to work.

Here’s the sign-up process, plus some important tips to avoid further headaches…

While you are in the waiting room, we Strongly recommended you copy the queue ID. It’s your unique code that will allow you to keep your place in the queue if something happens. With Disney’s new virtual waiting room system, you should still do it, not just for this preview of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind AP.

In fact, something happened to me the last time I tried to sign up for an AP preview: Stitch ate my page. I’ve had the same thing many times when trying to buy tickets for Disneyland special events (there were also times when I had to switch from my computer to the phone). In all of these cases, I simply copied and pasted that link into a new browser tab and picked up where I left off. Phew.

Since we’re trying to get this up and running as quickly as possible so it’s of maximum value to all of you, we’re releasing this while still in the Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind AP preview queue ourselves. We’ll update this with screenshots and more specific tips, details and information once we’ve completed the registration process.

For now, above and below are (updated) screenshots of the recording process for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure preview, which was pretty much identical to previews for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge before it. We’ll update the Cosmic Rewind screenshots in a minute… the recording progress of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind AP.

This is the first screen you should expect to encounter once the wait is over.

Fairly standard information to click on. Make sure the registered guest list shows the people you want to join.

Unfortunately for those of you who aren’t Annual Pass holders, the sheer number of preview dates means mainstream pre-openings are fairly unlikely. It’s still possible there are some scattered in there, but we highly doubt that.

Walt Disney World hasn’t had a soft opening for a major attraction in several years – it’s all been these controlled, pre-recorded previews for certain guests.

Finally, other Walt Disney World terms, according to the registration page:

Registration closes 24 hours before the start of the event or when the event reaches capacity (whichever comes first). The event experience and available offers are subject to change without notice and prior registration is required. You have 5 minutes to complete your selection before availability is published. Once the request has been submitted, you will not be able to modify your reservation.

For each event, the calendar displays dates based on availability and the group size you entered.

How to change your selection BEFORE completing the transaction

  • To remove a pass holder from your party, please select “Back” to return to step 1 and edit your guest list.
  • To remove an event from your list, please select “Cancel Reservation” in the Special Events section.

Once the registration is complete, here is the message on the confirmation screen:

It’s saving time in the galaxy!

Join the Guardians of the Galaxy on this exciting hunt to make Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary celebration an awesome adventure!

As part of the EPCOT transformation, you’re invited to strap in, put on your game face, and crank up your mixtape as you twist, turn, and explode through an awe-inspiring intergalactic chase.

This thrilling family attraction features the first-ever reverse launch on a Disney roller coaster and is one of the largest fully enclosed roller coasters in the world! A new innovation from Walt Disney Imagineering, this coaster rotates 360 degrees so you can focus on the action.

As a special thank you to our family of Annual Passholders, this is your chance to preview select days in May 2022.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Annual Pass Holder Preview

Finally, apologies for any typos, errors, or anything else – I’ve tried to put this together and revise it quickly so that it’s as useful as possible to as many people as possible. possible readers!

Good luck to everyone!!!

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Were you able to sign up for the annual passholder previews of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind at Walt Disney World? What was your method of success (or failure)? If you have any questions, please read other people’s stories and try to solve the problems on your own before asking! Hearing your feedback – even when you disagree with us – is both interesting for us and helpful for other readers, so share your thoughts below in the comments!