How to Use Full Screen Apps on Galaxy Z Flip 4 Cover Screen

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 is one of the most fascinating phones on the market. The clamshell form factor is shrouded in nostalgia, while the interior foldable screen is a true technological marvel. The Galaxy Z Flip 4’s secondary external display is functional enough for you to get basic information, but if you want to get the most out of it, we have some effective ways to use the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s external display to run full versions of applications.

These methods are also applicable to the Galaxy Z Flip 3, which has the same external display.

In the past we’ve talked about how the sheer amount of information visible on the external display makes it a great tool for a digital detox. But if you’re on the opposite end of the spectrum and want to use the external display for pretty much everything from watching Netflix to playing intensive shooters, you have the option of doing that too. There are three ways to run full-screen apps on the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s external display, and we’ll walk you through the steps for each method one by one.

How to Use Full Screen Apps with Samsung Good Lock Modules

The first method to enable full screen utility for outdoor display is an officially supported method. For this we use Good Lock, a Samsung app that allows you to download a wide range of apps that enhance the look and feel as well as the functionality of any Samsung smartphone running the One UI interface. As this is an official method, it is also the safest method to run apps in full screen mode on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 outer display.

To get started, follow the steps below. Note: Good Lock is a versatile app that helps you personalize your Galaxy smartphone, but it also has several other modules. We do not recommend that you play with them without knowing them first, as they can make permanent changes to the interface of your smartphone.

Step 1: Download Good Lock from the Samsung Galaxy Store. If you can’t find it in your country’s Galaxy Store, you can also download it using an APK file.

2nd step: Once installed, open Good Lock and look for a module called MultiStar. You can also download it directly from the Galaxy Store or download the APK file.

Step 3: MultiStar will not be listed in the app launcher. So go back to the Good Lock app and search for the MultiStar module – it should be listed at the top of the Life Up tab.

Step 4: Press MultiStar to open it.

Step 5: Press the “I ♡ Galaxy Foldable” at the top of the application. In this menu, tap the icon Cover Launch Widget option.

Step 6: Press the “+” icon to add applications you want to run on the Galaxy Z Flip 4 cover screen. Don’t be afraid to add a mix of games and entertainment apps. The menu lists a number of recommended apps, but you can press the down arrow to open the list of all applications.

Step 7: Press the Coverage Widget Configuration Option to activate the feature. Activate it Cover Launcher Toggle and press Rearrange to arrange the order of the cover screen widgets. I kept the Cover Launcher at the top, but you can arrange them however you like.

Step 8: Close the flip and wake up the cover screen by pressing the power button or double pressing it. Swipe right to Cover Launch Widget on the small screen.

Step 9: Now, select app you want to run, and it will ask you to unlock the phone using the fingerprint reader before opening the app. This protects it so that no one can access crucial apps from the cover screen without proper authentication.

Step 10: You are ready and can now use the application as you wish. Due to the cramped display, some aspects of the apps – like YouTube Shorts – may not fully display. But interestingly, you can use navigation gestures on the small screen. Even more interesting is the fact that the screen supports multi-finger typing and you can also use it to play hardcore games.

How to Use Fullscreen Apps with CoverScreen OS

Although the Good Lock method we detailed above is the official way to run apps on the exterior screen of your Galaxy Z Flip 4, it has some limitations. Not all apps are supported on the external display, you can use up to five app shortcuts only, and you cannot use the keyboard on the external display. To work around these challenges, developer jagan2 on the XDA Forums has created an app called CoverScreen OS. As the name suggests, CoverScreen OS completely overhauls the Galaxy Z Flip 4’s external display interface instead of working within the confines of a single widget screen.

CoverScreen OS gives you much more flexibility, including the ability to respond to notifications directly from the Cover Screen, using Flex Mode features on the external display, and enabling an edge lighting option that lights up whenever there is a new notification. To use CoverScreen OS, follow these steps:

Step 1: Begin, download coverscreen operating system from the Google Play Store or from the XDA forums.

2nd step: Launch the CoverScreen operating system and grant the required permissions. These include permissions to view the app over other apps, access notifications, and stay safe from sleep even when the app isn’t actively in use.

Step 3: Before you start press the Tutorial button on the app’s home page to learn more about the gestures supported in CoverScreen OS and how they differ from the main display.

Step 4: That’s it, friends! You can now fold the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and start using apps on the small screen.

CoverScreen OS not only lets you use apps or control quick settings directly from the outer display, but you can also respond to notifications using voice input, a T9 keyboard, or a full QWERTY keyboard, as well as answering calls from VoIP services like WhatsApp. You can also add widgets for the main display on this smaller screen using CoverScreen OS.

How to Use Full Screen Apps with SamSprung Launcher

Although CoverScreen OS is an incredibly useful app, it has one major limitation: you’ll have to purchase the full version of the app for around $20 ($50 for lifetime access on multiple devices) to enable the best features, and that is not something that everyone wants to do. We have another alternative if you prefer another route, and that’s the SamSprung TooUI launcher. SamSprung is a third-party launcher designed for the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and the external screen of the Flip 4. It lets you run full versions of apps directly from the small screen.

Here are the steps to get started with SamSprung TooUI:

Step 1: Download SamSprung TooUI from the Google Play Store or get the APK file from Github and install it.

2nd step: Launch SamSprung and grant notification, usage access, and accessibility permissions.

Step 3: Now fold the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and you will notice a white line at the bottom of the screen, along with a small icon in the corner. Swipe up on the row to bring up the SamSprung app launcher.

Tutorial on how to run apps in full screen on Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 external display?

Step 4: Now open any app. You will be asked to unlock the Galaxy Z Flip 4 using the fingerprint scanner.

Step 5: If the application supports a horizontal mode, it will work horizontally. For other apps that don’t (like Instagram), apps will work in portrait mode. This gives you the best experience of both worlds.

In addition to using apps, you can add widgets and swipe horizontally across the screen to access them. You can also tap the icons at the bottom of the screen to toggle quick settings. You can also use a keyboard to type and respond to notifications directly from the external display, but SamSprung’s keyboard app needs to be downloaded separately and will cost you almost $2.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4’s external display can be supercharged using these easy and simple techniques. Although the official method is more complex than the others, it is free and foolproof. At the same time, you don’t have to worry about the security of your smartphone. However, if you want maximum utility from Samsung’s foldable smartphone, you can check out the two options we’ve listed above and decide which one you prefer.

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