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Amanda Serrano and Katie Taylor will each receive seven figures for their historic fight on Saturday at Madison Square Garden, the highest purse ever for a women’s boxing match. Taylor is represented by Matchroom boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, while Serrano is represented by YouTuber-turned-boxer Jake Paul, but both fighters enjoy the social media star’s influence on the sport.

“I’m very grateful that Jake is involved in this fight for sure,” Irish fighter Taylor said. SportTechie. “I understand that someone like Jake has never really had much boxing experience, It is get there. These big fights, these big paydays – there are fighters who have worked long and hard in the gym for they are nine or 10 years old, and they are not getting those paydays as well. But you can’t criticize him [Paul]. It is just a great businessman, It is do its job. It is get in the ring and ready to get punched in the face. I really like his courage, it is very difficult to criticize it.

“Some of the others [influencer boxers] are fair somehow for views, but Jake Paul is the real dealand It is train hard. It is pushed this fight for us to make the money that we make and win it in Madison Square Garden,” added Serrano of Puerto Rico, who scored six figures in sponsorships for the fight via Paul’s Most Valuable Promotions. The fight will be broadcast on DAZN.

Serrano and Taylor will be the first fighters in the Garden’s 140-year history to headline a boxing card in the arena, which Taylor says will be a sold-out crowd. “It’s a historic wallet. The fact that this is going to be a sale shows There are a great appetite for big women’s fights. We obviously have the potential to inspire a lot of young girls,” Taylor said.

When it comes to the technology boxers use to train, Taylor is a proponent of the wrist-worn health tracker Shout. “It is a brilliant Technology. i just found it very interesting myself day to day, watching the changes and different levels tension every day. Looking at how much you are beautiful sleep every time, your HRV [heart-rate variability] every morning too. It is very beneficial.”

Serrano is going a different route: the 33-year-old doesn’t even own a cellphone. His 358,000 Instagram followers lag behind his promoter Paul and his nearly 20 million followers.

“The only device I need is my iPod. I do not have call, so I use my iPod and headphones. It’s the only technology I use in training,” says Serrano. “I don’t plan on having a cell phone any time soon, maybe when I retire in about a year. It’s just a distraction for me. I see people with their heads down all the time. I do not want to be that; I want to give my all in the sport of boxing.