Love and Thunder is giving a Guardian of the Galaxy a major upgrade

The Thor: Love and Thunder trailer features fans’ first look at the new and improved Kraglin who wields Yondu’s mighty fin in battle.

Kraglin and Thor

The trailer of Thor: Love and Thunder debuts a new look for Kraglin, the fan-favorite Guardian of the Galaxy.

About 30 seconds into the video, Star-Lord is shown ushering his team of intergalactic warriors into battle. On the far right of the shot, Kraglin (Sean Gunn) can be seen charging into the fray. Brandishing a pistol and decked out in a trench coat, the Ravager also appears to be equipped with the Yondu palm used in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. It is currently unknown if Kraglin will actually use the helmet to control the accompanying arrow in love and thunder.

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Kraglin’s use of the fin in the upcoming trailer Thor blockbuster isn’t the first time audiences have seen him use the weapon. A post-credits scene for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 featured Yondu’s sidekick training to control the arrow with disastrous consequences. While the elongated fin was destroyed when Captain Ravager was cremated, Peter Quill comments that pieces of Yondu’s original fin were recovered and could be rebuilt. Star-Lord bequeaths the arrow to Kraglin, stating that Yondu wished he had it.

Although the extent of Kraglin’s role in love and thunder is unknown, the Ravager apparently has a bright future ahead of him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. guardians of the galaxy director James Gunn has teased that Yondu’s right-hand man will play an expanded role in the upcoming Flight. 3 without confirming any details surrounding the character’s involvement.

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Kraglin isn’t the only character to receive a major design change in Thor: Love and Thunder. The titular god, once again played by Chris Hemsworth, begins to question his role in the galaxy as he seemingly goes through a variety of new clothes. The trailer confirmed that Thor would be joining the Ravagers, an organization of interstellar smugglers, bounty hunters, and gamers. In doing so, he ditches his familiar Asgardian armor for somewhat more laid-back threads. Thor wears a white shirt under a bright red vest accompanied by blue jeans with a massive belt buckle. He also wears a trucker hat with the words “The Strongest Avenger” emblazoned on the front.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits theaters on July 8.

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