Make your Galaxy A52 look like Samsung’s next A53 with these wallpaper downloads

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The Galaxy A series is not only one of Samsung’s most popular lineups, but also one of the most extensive, covering both entry-level and mid-range segments. While the hype around the Galaxy S22 series is still in the headlines, our attention has also shifted to some of these more affordable offerings. Phones like the Galaxy A73, A53, A33, and A23 are all in the works right now, and while we’re still waiting to hear how each will launch, this week we have a first chance to at least start to get a feel for one. with leaked Galaxy A53 wallpapers.

The XDA team has managed to get their hands on the stock wallpapers that will be bundled with the Galaxy A53. We’ve got them all at their full resolutions (2340 x 2340) here, so they’re as crisp as possible. The collection is reasonably diverse, with many cool looks inspired by minerals and shapes. We can also experience a live video wallpaper that looks like a swarm of swirling color-changing particles.


Given how the Galaxy A53 appears to recycle much of its predecessor’s design, you could just put its wallpapers on your Galaxy A52 and try to pass it off as an A53, no strings attached (we won’t tell). The internals are another story, however, as the leaked specs suggest the phone is in store for significant upgrades.

Judging by the pace of these latest leaks, it looks like the Galaxy A53 5G could debut very soon. If Samsung manages to keep the launch price close to the same as last year’s Galaxy A52, it might just have another winner on its hands.

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