Overview of the Samsung Galaxy S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra smartphones

So you might be wondering what’s under the hood? The S22 phones sport a new processor and, according to Samsung, faster battery charging, but the most significant improvements are in the camera’s photo and video capabilities. These are iterative upgrades though, mostly focused on low-light and night shooting.

More megapixels and larger image sensors: The main rear camera of the S22 and S22+ has been upgraded with a larger sensor and the resolution has increased from 12MP to 50MP. A larger sensor captures more light, which is useful if you’re shooting at night or, say, in a dimly lit restaurant. But more megapixels doesn’t always mean better quality photos or videos. We will put both to the test soon.

New AI Camera Tips: Like last year, camera advancements in newer models are largely software-based. Samsung says its new and improved AI-assisted tools can automatically sharpen detail and reduce noise in photos, depending on your lighting conditions. The zoom of the S22 Ultra has been increased from 30x to 100x, allowing you to take more detailed photos of, for example, your child on the football field or your favorite band at a concert. For videos, phones can automatically adjust the frame rate, as well as the focus depending on how many people join in your shot.

For pro-level photography, according to Samsung, the new Portrait mode in the S22 phones makes it easier to distinguish human or pet hair from the background – a detail that separates a great photo from a good one – and the Expert RAW app provides DSLR-like controls to adjust white balance and change ISO and shutter speed settings while editing and shooting.

Faster battery charging: The S22+ and S22 Ultra both support 45W charging, compared to the slower 25W charging of previous models. That means you can fully charge your phone in as little as 20 minutes, according to Samsung. Get ready for the results of our battery life tests.

New processor: The S22, S22+ and S22 Ultra are the first Samsung phones to use a 4nm processor. In theory, this should lead to better AI processing and better graphics performance. It probably won’t help you solve Wordle, but it might give you a performance boost if you’re running a more graphics-intensive game like Call of Duty.