Ravichandra “Gaming Tamizhan” Vigneshwer, a Free Fire YouTuber

YouTube has a large base of gaming content creators around the world. Ravichandra Vigneshwer aka GT King or Gaming Tamizhan is one such YouTuber who uploads content revolving around Free Fire in Tamil.

Tamizhan’s YouTube channel has over 3 million subscribers. He was recently signed as a content creator to the South Asian roster of popular esports, gaming and lifestyle organization, Galaxy Racer.

In conversation with Sportskeeda Esports’ Debolina Banerjee, GT King talks about his journey as a Free Fire content creator, his partnership with Galaxy Racer, and more.

Tamizhan’s journey as a popular YouTuber

Q. Your channel recently surpassed 3 million subscribers. Tell us about your journey as a YouTuber and the challenges you faced.

Tamizhan Game: I started my channel with a low-end smartphone but with the aim of entertaining people. Coming from a small village that doesn’t have proper internet connection, my motto was to make my channel a one stop destination for people to come and have fun.

Q. What games do you like? What was the first mobile/PC game you played?

Tamizhan Game: I like sports games and my favorite is cricket. Cricket ’07 was the first game I played on my computer.

Q. The Galaxy Racer South Asian roster recently signed you up. Do you think this will increase your visibility in the gaming world?

Tamizhan Game: I am confident that joining the Galaxy Racers South Asian roster will open up new avenues for me. I also hope this will help me get some good exposure in the gaming world.

Q. Since your channel already has an impressive number of subscribers, how do you plan to develop it further?

Tamizhan Game: I plan to put together content around vlogs, short films, etc. to further develop my channel. I want to focus more on producing content that will entertain my audience.

Q. How long does it take to create and upload a video?

Tamizhan Game: It usually takes me about an hour to make a video.

Q. Between creating entertaining videos or streaming your gaming experience to the masses, what do you enjoy more?

Tamizhan Game: I love creating videos because that’s where I unleash my creativity.

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