Samsung could give the Galaxy Z Fold 4 a major storage upgrade

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is Samsung’s next flagship phone, and the foldable will introduce several significant improvements over its predecessor. And, if new leaks are accurate, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will start with double the storage compared to its predecessor, which is 512GB of built-in memory. The flash upgrade is welcome on a flagship device that certainly won’t support microSD storage expansion. It also means that the most expensive Fold 4 model will go up to 1TB of storage space.

But that’s not all good news, because storage upgrades don’t come cheap.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 storage leaks

If you thought the Galaxy Z Fold 4 series wouldn’t deliver a major product update, the flurry of Fold 4 leaks should have changed your mind by now. According to reports from reliable sources, the new foldable will be lighter and thinner than its predecessor.

Not only that, but the handset will get an aspect ratio update, making it easier to use when folded. Also, the hinge crease could be softer than before.

More importantly, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will deliver a big camera update that should address criticism regarding the Fold 3’s camera. Samsung’s new handset will be powered by the latest Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. That’s good news for anyone experiencing the Galaxy S22 performance debacle.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 storage options have leaked in Korea. Image sources:

But that recently leaked spec sheet said the Fold 4 would come in two storage configurations: 256GB and 512GB. That’s in line with the previous model and a logical move for Samsung. This entry-level 256GB is double what you get on most smartphones. And that level would allow Samsung to maintain last year’s price, but that’s just speculation.

A new discovery in Korea noted that Samsung will make 512GB and 1TB versions of the Galaxy Z Fold 4. That’s according to a website which appears to be run by the Korean ICT Promotion Association.

According to the editors, it is a website that manages information about lost cellphones in Korea. But the database also includes a hidden search service for smartphone model numbers, including unreleased devices.

What about the price?

The listings on the website only show two storage tiers for the Galaxy Z Fold 4: 512GB and 1TB. Although some of the Fold 4 models on the listing don’t have storage indicators, there are has no entry for a 256 GB model.

We’re only speculating at the moment, but if the information in this database is accurate, then Samsung could double the storage on its next-gen foldable flagship.

On the other hand, the 256GB storage tier is key. That’s the kind of storage space you should expect from the cheapest Fold 4 model. In other words, a 512GB increase could also help Samsung justify a price increase for the new Fold 4.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 design rendering: foldable screen (top), cover screen and camera details (bottom)
Galaxy Z Fold 4 design rendering: foldable screen (top), cover screen and camera details (bottom). Image source: @OnLeaks and Smartprix

One of the best things about the Galaxy Z Fold 3 is that the price of entry has dropped. The phone starts at $1,799, and that’s before all the crazy deals roll in. Samsung has done its best to keep the cost down, giving buyers plenty of sales and the ability to trade in multiple gadgets.

No one could fault Samsung for keeping that entry price in place or raising it, given the broader economic backdrop. But it will be interesting to see if Samsung is willing to sell a 512GB Galaxy Z Fold 4 for $1,799. This would essentially give buyers a free storage upgrade.

Again, we assume there is no 256GB version of the Fold 4. But there is no evidence that Samsung has dropped the 256GB tier for the Fold line.

Samsung will unveil the Fold 4 on August 10, according to a leaker. We should know more about the new foldable’s storage options long before that.