Samsung Galaxy Chromebooks get ChromeOS 104 update with new features

Google has started rolling out the ChromeOS 104 update to all eligible Chromebooks, including those made by Samsung. If you own a Galaxy Chromebook, you can now download the ChromeOS 104 update and access many new features.

ChromeOS 104 update finally brings proper dark and light themes. Changing them also changes the appearance of the launcher, shelf, files app, settings pages, and more. You can switch between dark and light themes from the quick setting toggles. Google has also added a few wallpapers that turn a bit dark when the dark theme is enabled.

The ChromeOS 104 update also brings a Files app that shows all your files stored locally on the machine and Google Drive. There is a monthly mini calendar which can be accessed by clicking on the date and time section on the shelf. The redesigned app launcher now takes up less space than before and even shows Google Play Store results when you search for apps or games that aren’t installed on your Chromebook.

The new update also brings a full Gallery app which can also open PDF files. You can fill out PDF forms, annotate them, and even sign PDF files. Right-clicking on the shelf and selecting the Color option lets you change wallpapers, themes (auto-adjust dark and light themes are also available), and screensavers. You can choose from three screensaver styles: Slideshow, Feel The Breeze, and Float On By.