Samsung Galaxy has a hidden menu that you can only open with a passcode

The diagnostics menu is available on Samsung Galaxy smartphones with the company’s One UI, although some users may not be able to access it due to carrier-specific lockouts. Additionally, Technastic reports that the same code (or a slight variation of it) may work on some older Galaxy phones running TouchWiz. We tested the process with an unlocked Galaxy Note 10+ and the diagnostics menu appeared without issue. Your mileage may vary, but it’s worth a try if you think the phone is malfunctioning.

The diagnostics menu can be accessed by typing a specific code using the Phone application. This process is performed the same way you would dial a phone number, although you do not have to press the “call” button as the diagnostics menu will automatically appear when the last symbol of the code is entered. To view the secret menu, follow these steps using a newer Samsung Galaxy smartphone:

1. Turn on your phone and log in using a password, PIN or fingerprint, if applicable.

2. Tap the “Phone” icon to open the app.

3. Tap the “Keyboard” tab to display the dialer.

4. Enter the following code: *#0*#

The diagnostic menu will automatically appear when this code is entered. You will see a light gray screen filled with white square buttons, each assigned to tests for specific components. Press a button to view its associated test, which helps assess your phone’s hardware and determine if a component is no longer working properly.