Samsung Galaxy owners need to change a Wi-Fi setting on their phones

The South Korean tech giant has announced that it has partnered with one of the leading VPN providers – PureVPN – to make Wi-Fi hotspots more secure. The partnership between Samsung and PureVPN has strengthened the Secure Wi-Fi feature on Galaxy smartphones, which since 2017 have tried to secure Internet browsing when connected to an unsecured public Wi-Fi network. And now an extra layer of privacy will be added that helps hide users’ identity and their traffic when connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. If you’re not too familiar with VPNs and you want to know more, consult our guides on the best vpn services available on the market as well as the best VPN deals around.

One of the best things about a VPN – which stands for Virtual Private Network – is how it helps enhance user privacy by encrypting traffic and hiding a person’s location.

And now some of the features you would associate with a VPN will be available when you connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot thanks to PureVPN’s Enhanced Privacy Protection (EPP) built into Samsung Secure Wi-Fi.

This will help protect user data from “online threats, manipulation and misuse”.

Speaking about this new partnership, Bilal Saleem Khan, Vice President of Technology Partnerships at PureVPN said, “We are proud to partner with Samsung at a time of increasing focus on digital security and privacy. worldwide privacy. These are absolute rights. everyone on the internet and we are happy that Samsung is leading the way in mobile devices.”

Samsung Galaxy users get up to 250MB of data that can be protected with Secure Wi-Fi for free each month, but more data is available with other plans.

If you want to enable Samsung Secure Wi-Fi, here’s how to do it in the settings…

• Go to Settings > Biometrics and security

• Touch Secure Wi-Fi.

• Review the information, then press Continue

• Grant all necessary permissions. To start protecting yourself while browsing the internet, tap Protect

• Tap Protection Plan to view your current plan. Tap Upgrade to sign up for a new plan

If you need extra protection, for example with your 5G mobile browsing, you can sign up for one of the PureVPN offers available now.

A range of PureVPN plans are available at a discount, with the offer we recommend being the two-year plan.

This is available with three months free as well as an 82% saving which reduces the price from £10.24 per month to £1.86.

If you plan to subscribe to a VPN for several years, a five-year contract is available, which again reduces the price from £10.24 to just £1.39 per month.

That’s an 86% savings, and with both of these plans, PureVPN offers a 31-day money-back guarantee.

You can also enjoy 24-hour customer support and connect to over 6,500 secure servers in over 78 countries.

PureVPN can also be used on Android, iOS, Linux, Windows and macOS.