Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 gets huge new update on S22 launch day

Samsung has announced a new fitness upgrade that allows it to bring much-needed fitness and wellness features to the Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 4 Classic – two of the best smartwatches on the market today. of our tests.

Major updates focus heavily on fitness and wellness: users will now get a 30-day trial of the Centr workout platform led by Chris Hemsworth (which is an upgrade pretty decent, as it’s listed as one of our best home workout apps), as well as better sleep insights.

The connection with Centr is not just limited to trying out the program, but also uses the service’s body composition information to better understand a user’s overall health.

Watch 4 range users will need to wear the device for 5 nights on weekdays and 2 nights on weekends to get the new information, which (in combination with two user surveys) will provide advice and recommendations for articles to help users gain rest. sleep.

For some reason, Samsung will also assign users a “sleeping animal” to show what type of sleeper they are, although it’s unclear if that’s for anything other than weird cuteness.

A list of Samsung's new animals to show sleeping styles

(Image credit: Samsung)

Witness fitness (upgrade)

The other big upgrade is to the fitness app, where users will be able to set intervals for their cycling or walking workouts. It’s rather rudimentary, but a key fitness-enhancing feature that many will have already downloaded a separate app to achieve.

That’s on top of the ability – to be available “in the coming months” – for users to choose between Google Assistant or Bixby as their voice assistant on the Watch 4 – it’s hardly going to be a difficult choice, we imagine.

Samsung is strengthening its WearOS relationship with Google by allowing YouTube Music users to stream music over Wi-Fi or LTE without needing the phone nearby. However, given that Spotify’s support allows downloading of tracks for offline use, it doesn’t seem as impressive.

A row of the new Watch 4 dials and straps

(Image credit: Samsung)

Samsung is also unveiling a larger lineup of watch faces and straps for the classic Watch 4 and Watch 4 watches, which will be available in late February.

The new software will be available for download from February 9, the same day the Samsung Galaxy S22 launches – chances are this will be referenced during the presentation (and don’t forget – we’ve got all the info on how to watch the Galaxy S22 live stream here).