Samsung Galaxy Z Flip with Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons is the crossover we didn’t know we needed

Echoing an aesthetic that will remind some of the Nintendo DS, this unique fan-made hybrid is taking Reddit by storm. Designed and built by Reddit user Mike Dubbz, it features a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip running a Nintendo Switch emulator, but most notably, it also comes with Switch Joy-Cons attached to either side of the device. Made possible by a small 3D-printed module that allows you to mount all three parts together as a single unit, this “Frankenstein monster” of the tech world is both weird and wonderful.

Designer: Mike Dubbz

The build is pretty simple (unlike that extremely surgical project that turned GameCube controllers into Joy-Cons) – it just features a single 3D-printed bracket that unites the two Joy-Cons with the Z Flip. Mike mentions in his Reddit thread that the Joy-Cons also didn’t need a major setup since they were simply paired with the Z Flip via Bluetooth (the phone treated the two controllers as two halves of a single controller), and the emulator (DraStic, in this case) even mapped the controls perfectly.

If you’ve got a Galaxy Z Flip and Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons lying around, you’re in luck, because MikeDubbz is selling his one-of-a-kind intermediate 3D-printed mod on Etsy for people to buy and use. Mike offers variations depending on whether you have the original Z Flip or the newer (and slightly thicker) Z Flip 3. The mod also works with third-party Joy-Cons, although Mike recommends using the originals. Pure genius, huh??