Samsung goes global with Galaxy Z Flip 4 promotions featuring BTS

There may not be a BTS Edition Galaxy Z Flip 4 (yet) this year, but Samsung is continuing its association with the popular K-pop group in other ways. The company has made two exclusive videos featuring the Korean boy band with their new bendable flapper and display them on digital billboards in iconic public locations in five major cities around the world: Times Square in New York, Piccadilly Circus in London, COEX in Seoul, Shibuya in Tokyo and Kudamm in Berlin.

The first video, titled “Galaxy x BTS: Unfold Your World with Z Flip 4,” highlights the new experience offered by Samsung’s latest clamshell foldable. It features the band’s popular track “Yet To Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)”. The company showed a preview of the video during Galaxy Unpacked on Wednesday. Samsung says the song carries a big social message, that “no matter how the future unfolds, dreaming big, our best times are yet to come”.

The Galaxy Z Flip 4 dramatically improves the folding experience over the previous model. The external display now gives you more than ever. Samsung’s Flex Mode also enables a whole new way to use smartphones. And there’s the style element of the collapsible clamshell. The Bora Purple color somewhat matches previous BTS Edition Galaxies and the company is giving it a special promotion. He even replaced his YouTube logo with a Bora Purple background.

Samsung’s iconic Over the Horizon ringtone also features on billboards

The other video Samsung is showing at the five aforementioned locations is the ringtone “Over the Horizon 2022 by SUGA of BTS.” It’s a reimagined version of the company’s iconic song that SUGA helped produce last year. If you happen to pass one of these digital signs, you can scan the QR code on it to play the two exclusive videos on your smartphone. Videos will play in sync with the big screen.

Samsung is very hopeful that the Galaxy Z Flip 4 will boost its foldable sales. The company is striving to make these unconventional smartphones mainstream and the foldable clamshell has to sell well for that. It proved more popular than the Fold series. It’s much more affordable, starting at $999 compared to the Galaxy Z Fold 4’s base price of $1,799. The company aims to sell around 15 million units of the two combined. The first sales figures should start arriving a few months after the devices go on sale.