Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live AirPods Pro rival is $100 today

Andy Boxall/Digital Trends

Even though the main event has already ended, if you’re quick, you can still grab some last-minute Prime Day deals. Amazon is offering savings on products of all kinds as an extension of its Prime Day event, including great deals on these Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. These buds are normally $150, but you can buy them now on Amazon for just $100, saving you $50.

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The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live stand out from the crowd of true wireless earbuds because of their unique shape. They’re a love it or hate it design, but many who love these buds find them exceptionally comfortable and far preferable to other styles of buds. If you’re struggling to find true wireless earbuds that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time, you might be surprised by the fit of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

Comparing Galaxy Buds Live with Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds+, we found that Galaxy Buds Live excel in comfort and wearing experience thanks to their unusual bean shape. Instead of being inserted into the ear canal, which can be painful if the earbuds don’t fit properly, these earbuds sit in the shell of your ear. This makes them both comfortable to wear and difficult to dislodge, which is handy if you find other styles of headphones tend to fall out of your ears. The sound of the Buds Live is round and warm, with a good amount of bass. Many people prefer the sound of the more expensive Buds Pro, but if you’re looking for comfort and acceptable sound that’s good enough for your needs, the Buds Live might be the right choice for you.

The buds have the typical six hours of playtime for this type of bud, plus an additional 15 hours of charging from the case. You can use the Samsung Galaxy Wear app to control the headphones from your phone, and in our testing we found them quick and easy to set up with a phone or other device, and to pair. The Buds Live are also great for making or taking phone calls, with active noise cancellation to minimize background noise and clear audio from the other end.

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