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Today, the workplace is defined by a fluidity of places and devices in a world normalized by COVID. This has led to an exponential increase in cybersecurity risks, in part due to an increase in personal devices accessing the corporate network and data.

This poses a serious challenge for organizations striving to support hybrid working and stay ahead of cyber threat actors.

What is the reality of these threats? Since the beginning of 2022 only, the AV-TEST Institute registered more than 40 million new malware.

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMBs), which often do not have the same level of security resources as large enterprises, are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. According to a 2020 PwC study of Asia-Pacific-based SMBs, more than half of respondents reported attacks since 2018, with 76% of these companies experiencing multiple cyberattacks, and more than 1 in 10 events coming from mobile or tablet devices.[1].

While mobile devices remain an integral tool for the hybrid workplace, the Samsung Galaxy Enterprise Edition smartphones and tablets will provide organizations of all sizes with robust yet easy-to-deploy endpoint solutions for more customization, control and protection on the go.

The constant gripe with the company-issued devices is that they aren’t as attractive as the latest consumer offerings. This is where the Galaxy Enterprise Edition shines – it offers a cutting-edge family of devices that is loved, trusted and respected by consumers around the world and is available in the Galaxy XCover5 smartphone.

Here are three ways Galaxy Enterprise Edition will bolster your organization’s hybrid and fieldwork strategy.

Consolidated Knox solutions for secure and simplified device management

Disclaimer: Galaxy Enterprise edition for mobile devices varies by country

Rooted from the chip, Samsung Knox is a unique combination of hardware and software solutions that provide Samsung device users (corporate and consumer) with multi-layered defenses against intrusions, malware and malicious threats.

It has earned more global government security certifications and third-party analysts than any other device, platform, or operating system. Since its launch in 2013, Samsung Knox has secured over 1 billion Samsung devices and is used to manage over 70 million devices daily.

Today, Samsung Knox has been deployed by leading organizations including Prudential, Grab, Pepsico and Kia to protect their mobile workforce.

Galaxy Enterprise Edition mobile devices come with a free one-year subscription to Knox suite, an integrated security platform ready to use right out of the box. Knox Suite includes a comprehensive set of end-to-end mobile management tools to give business owners and IT administrators seamless and granular control over devices, across security, deployment, device management and analysis.

Consistent and timely software updates and support

Disclaimer: Galaxy Enterprise edition for mobile devices varies by country

Galaxy Enterprise Edition provides up to five years of regular and consistent security maintenance releases[1], including fixes for Android OS and Samsung, so you can rest assured that your teams’ devices will continue to receive critical updates for the life of the products. Being able to keep devices usable and up to date for longer also ensures that you get more value from your investment.

Included in Knox Suite is Knox Manage, which allows organizations to offer remote assistance when employees misplace their devices or need help with technical issues. To address the challenges of managing operating system and firmware versions, Knox Enterprise Firmware Over-The-Air (E-FOTA), which partners with Knox Manage, allows organizations to perform updates planned firmware updates, avoiding application and operating system compatibility issues caused by unplanned firmware updates.

Enjoy peace of mind with at least two years of product lifecycle assurance

An enterprise device deployment typically involves a lengthy process of budget planning, testing, and implementation. Therefore, it is important for organizations to choose devices with long life cycles.

Galaxy Enterprise Edition devices are available for purchase for at least two years[2] after their global launch, making it easier for IT teams to manage and plan for testing and deployment while maintaining device consistency across the fleet. Knox Mobile Enrollment from Knox Suite also enables fast, zero-touch deployment for thousands of devices simultaneously into the Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) or Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solution.

[1] PwC 2020 APAC SMB Cybersecurity Trends Study
[2] The frequency of security maintenance releases (monthly, quarterly) may vary by model.
[3] Device availability varies by region.