Short film inspired by “Stranger Things” shot with the Galaxy S22 Ultra by Jose Antunes

Samsung and Netflix have teamed up to create Make STRANGER Nights Epic, a short film that takes advantage of the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s advanced Nightography camera features.

In the fourth season of Stranger Things, the night opens a portal to an extraordinary world, and Samsung was eager to use it to promote its Galaxy S22 Ultra, billed as having powerful Nightography camera features, which include a 108MP main sensor and a massive 2.4μm pixel sensor powered by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) that allows it to capture more light and data for brighter, sharper video footage, day or night.

In the short, the Stranger Things-inspired theme serves as a fitting backdrop to showcase the Galaxy S22 Ultra’s powerful Nightography capabilities. In Make STRANGER Nights Epic, a young girl puts her Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in her back pocket while riding her bike to a Stranger Things 4 watch party at her friend’s house. During her journey, her video inadvertently turns on, capturing footage of what lies behind her in The Upside Down.

Short film inspired by Long-standing partnership

Samsung notes that “all vertical phone footage scenes were filmed with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra” and adds, for clarity, that the footage was captured with “Galaxy S22 Ultra”. The quality of captured images may vary depending on environmental conditions. Handheld shoots and creatures from Stranger Things were added in post-production for illustration purposes.

Another example of Samsung’s ongoing partnership with Netflix is ​​the short film Make STRANGER Nights Epic, which pays homage to the popular Netflix series Stranger Things. Samsung and Netflix have a long-standing partnership and have collaborated on bespoke campaigns featuring many of the streaming platform’s most popular series. In January, they launched an integrated campaign to help launch the second season of Emily in Paris, including allowing fans to “flip the script” and become the main character of their own animated poster via the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. 5G.

Short film inspired by Bridgerton and Batman

Samsung and Netflix also teamed up to create a Bridgerton short for the Galaxy S22 series unveiling at Unpacked in February. In the three-minute skit, directed by Nico Perez Veiga, innovators try to catch the eye of Queen Charlotte of Bridgerton. Inventor Lord Tristar succeeds when he presents his visionary creation – massive neoclassical paints of the Galaxy S22 and S22+, ready in 209 years.

Although not in partnership with Netflix, Samsung also “hired” the Capped Crusader, last February, to advertise its Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and S22 Ultra. Directed by Roman Rutten with Production Design by Terry Watson, the short is used to promote the two products, stating that “Individually they are a game-changer, but when working together they are unlike anything the world has ever seen. . Designed to work and play, day or night, whatever Gotham City throws their way. The Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra and S22 Ultra, like Batman and Catwoman, are fearless partners who break the rules for good, to make your world a better place.

The Batman the Movie, starring Robert Pattinson as the Caped Crusader, hit theaters in March. Videos created to promote Samsung products are available on Samsung’s social media channels. Samsung says it will continue to work together – with Netflix and others – to create engaging, high-quality content that people love.