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Samsung’s latest smartphone creations are compact, yet extraordinarily tough. Photo provided

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Samsung is pushing the boundaries of smartphone technology, redefining innovation and breaking down the barriers of what we once thought was impossible. They have combined compact convenience with intense durability, bringing to market a range of smartphones that match users’ potential to adapt to our ever-changing lifestyles.

In Australia, the high-end market is strong, with Samsung’s super premium devices seeing 40% year-on-year growth, driven by the S Series and Z Series ranges. [Source: Kantar Commtech Mobile Market (n=10,000/month) Q1 2022]

Samsung is mainstreaming the foldable market with the latest version of their fourth-generation Galaxy Z Series smartphones, the Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 – both embodying the technical genius for which Samsung is renowned.

The company has seen the consideration for foldables double among 18-45 year olds, with Gen Z seeing a colossal 273% increase since last year. [Source: May 2022 Foldables Insights Study (n=500)].

With the smallest hinge to date and slim straight lines, Galaxy Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 have been designed to allow for ultra-compact folding, giving consumers powerful technology that fits in the palm of their hand and slides right in in their back pocket. .

But with bold innovation comes the responsibility of ensuring that new creations are as reliable as established models, and Samsung’s testing procedures definitely tick that box.

As a technology-obsessed society, smartphones now play several key roles in our daily lives and are subject to constant wear and tear. Samsung recognizes this and is playing its part in ensuring its technology can withstand such stress.

Providing a behind-the-scenes look at their quality assurance protocols, Samsung released a video detailing the rigorous testing they put their smartphones through, before allowing them to reach the hands of consumers.

Footage of their revolutionary robotic machines is shown assembling and then testing each individual element of the latest Galaxy Z Flip4 and Z Fold4.

The video begins with the precise placement of the back cover, then shows functional testing, including touch and proximity sensors, testing the S Pen, Samsung Pay, and other features.

Network tests are then performed to ensure high standards of network connectivity, transmission and reception of the phone. Reception is often a sore point on smartphones, but the Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 were designed to keep users connected, even in the toughest places.

Camera functionality is also evaluated to ensure that resolution, autofocus and zoom functions meet Samsung’s high standards. Sensor testing is important here, to ensure Nightography mode works seamlessly, allowing users to capture what the naked eye struggles to see in the dark.

Meticulous testing means content creators can be sure they’ll never miss a candid moment.

The Galaxy Z Fold4 features dual-screen capabilities, allowing users to seamlessly navigate between apps, making working on the go more efficient. Photo provided

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Z Flip4 and Z Fold4 smartphones is their ability to fold into an ultra-slim body, while retaining the same powerful features of a full desktop computer. This has been made possible by Samsung’s breakthrough development of ultra-thin glass.

Testing the folding function means folding and unfolding the phone repeatedly, to confirm the flexibility of the ultra-thin glass and test the strength of the Armor aluminum frame.

Ultra-thin glass is only one-third the thickness of a human hair, but has extraordinary strength that allows it to bend with the ease of a piece of paper. This is where durability meets compact convenience, and it marks the start of an exciting new era for smartphones.

Samsung understands that life includes many spills that can happen at any time, which is why the Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 are designed with IPX8 water resistance to give users peace of mind that their device is up to snuff. safe from the unpredictable. This soft water resistance process is tested by immersing them in water chambers, in addition to spraying them from all angles.

Vacations, family adventures at the beach and days out on the boat are some of life’s greatest moments, and naturally consumers want to capture and share them. Samsung understands this and has put in the effort to protect the technology, especially around freshwater accidents, so those precious moments are never missed.

Wearable technology has the potential to dramatically improve consumers’ everyday experiences, but it has always faced the struggle to survive the stressors that come with a busy, active life – until now.

Samsung has built durability into its design process, but goes a step further to ensure the Z Fold4 and Z Flip4 have the strength to withstand the thrills and spills, subjecting them to plenty of life’s tests before to allow them to reach the hands of their customers.

Devices must pass with flying colors before being released into the wild, as part of Samsung’s quality commitment to customers.

This is branded content for Samsung