Smash + Tees bring the comfort of the galaxy far and wide to your home

Sometimes you just want to curl up with your favorite franchise and that’s exactly what this new collection of star wars branded comfort looks can do for the fans in your life and family. ‘Cause who doesn’t want to be cool star wars cap?

Women-owned and operated loungewear company Smash + Tees has collaborated with star wars to give us sparkly looks for your whole family (and yes, that includes pets). The collection includes “family-matching rompers, lounge top and bottom sets, crop tops with shorts, dress, beanies and scrunchies.”

dog in star wars

The release is part of the Bring Home the Galaxy collection which star wars is working with multiple brands on a “9 week giveaway celebration featuring new star wars merchandise and holiday must-haves arriving from all corners of the galaxy and perfect for fans of all ages this holiday season. But let’s talk about some of the amazing looks they give us!

Romper style

Star Wars Rompers

Rompers are great normally, but pair them with a love for star wars and nothing beats a bright red romper to get cozy and watch your favorite movie with Han, Chewie, Luke and Leia. The collection includes rompers for kids and adults and includes an all-red romper with star wars brand on it or also has a black design with some of your favorite characters highlighted!

The official version of the romper says, “Popcorn. Sectional. An iconic Star Wars™ adventure on screen. And now match the rompers to take movie night to the next level! These ultra-soft and ultra-comfy rompers are available in sizes for young and old. Yoda™, Chewbacca™ and C-P3O™ designs are just a few of the Star Wars™ characters you’ll find in the hoodie. Slip into these bad boys for the ultimate movie night in matching comfort. May the Force be with you and the whole family!”

smash rompers + t-shirts

Loungewear comfort

smash loungewear + tees

Sometimes sitting at home in a nice set of comfy clothes can make or break a movie watching experience, so why not do it in star wars cozy themed sweatshirts and sweatshirts? The line, which includes t-shirts and cropped shorts (which I’m sure I’ll need in my life), has something for every style of comfort wear. Whether you’re a sweatshirt and shorts type or someone who mixes and matches, this is a great line for everyone to find their own personal level of comfort.

smash loungewear + tees

The output for loungewear is: “Watch the movie you love, with the people you love, in the loungewear you love!” These bottoms and their matching top are made for lazy vacation times together, surrounded by sweetness and blamelessness. When the movie is over, take this set straight to bed and let your dreams take you to a galaxy far, far away….

smash loungewear + tees

Launching Nov. 9 at 8:00 a.m. PT on their websiteit’s a perfect holiday look for the season and for every star wars fan in your life!

(featured image: Smash + Tees)

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