Space Brains Festival will bring a galaxy of sci-fi knowledge to Mandurah

Sci-fi masterminds from across the galaxy are soon arriving in Mandurah.

The first Space Brains science fiction film festival will be held in Mandurah on Election Day, May 21, with multi-award-winning and internationally renowned industry experts presenting workshops and sharing their wisdom.

Filmmaker Ben Young will return to his home country to present a filmmaking workshop as part of the festival and world-renowned science fiction author and screenwriter Amanda Bridgeman will host a writing workshop.

The festival will also see renowned environmental scientist and author HM Waugh lead a science workshop.

The duo behind the Space Brains festival and podcast, Surrey Hughes and Mark Regan will host a podcasting workshop.

Mr Regan, who is also a filmmaker, said Space Brains Productions aims to elevate and promote the creative arts in Mandurah.

“We want to promote local filmmakers and writers to enable our fellow West Australians to learn and grow,” he said.

Mr Hughes, who moonlights as a science fiction writer, said science fiction was “not just exciting” but could also help society aspire to a better future.

“By having amazing local creatives pass on their knowledge, we can ensure that WA and Mandurah have a place in that future,” he said.

Audiences will also have the chance to walk the red carpet, mingling with celebrities, directors, authors, actors and film crews after the workshops and before watching a series of sci-fi shorts.

The event will take place from 11 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. on May 21 at the Mandurah Performing Arts Center

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