Surprise! Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 to get a battery upgrade

Although the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 receives very good feedback from our review, it still disappointed with its Achilles heels which are battery life. The upcoming Galaxy Watch 5 series may finally end that curse, as it was rumored to pack larger batteries based on a listing from South Korea.


  • Samsung could improve its smartwatch battery life on the Galaxy Watch 5.
  • Both Galaxy Watch 5 sizes could get a substantial battery upgrade.
  • Samsung could announce the Galaxy Watch 5 in August.

According to the report, the smaller Galaxy Watch 5 model will be powered by a 276mAh battery, up 29mAh or almost 11% more from the 247mAh capacity of the Galaxy Watch 4 (40mm). An updated list suggests that the larger Galaxy Watch 5 models will have 397 mAh batteries, which is 36 mAh more than the 361 mAh of the current Galaxy Watch 4 (44mm), which is around 9% more .

There are many reasons to love the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4! / © NextPit

The new numbers are pretty substantial upgrades, but these will surely add several hours to Samsung’s next smartwatch and could help it last until the next day of use. The company could also add a series of measures to extend the battery life of the Galaxy Watch 5 thanks to the update of the One UI Watch operating system or with a more efficient processor, which we are looking forward to. the rumored thermometer feature.

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series is expected to debut alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and Galaxy Fold 4 in August. We’re still a few months away and surely expect more details on the Galaxy Watch 5 and Samsung’s foldable smartphones.

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