Take on the night city challenge with the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

KL’s vibrant nightlife is definitely one of the best things about living in the Malaysian capital. From the endless crowds that invade Kwai Chai Hong to the mesmerizing lights of Saloma Bridge, there’s an endless list of things to do on a night out.

Taking Instagram- and TikTok-worthy photos at night has never been so exciting, especially as everything finally opens up after the past two years of constant closings and staying indoors. And what better way to do that than with a bespoke smartphone to capture your nightlife moments with crystal-clear ease?

What phone, you might ask? Well, the brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, of course.

Capture KL nightlife like never before

Whether you’re looking to snap a shot of the iconic KL city skyline at night or looking to snap some fun and exciting TikToks from your nighttime commutes, the Samsung Galaxy S22 has it all.

Provide a crisp, high quality image Neitherghtography experience, you’ll be able to capture crystal-clear photos and videos no matter the lighting conditions or location. Its Super HDR feature ensures that your photos come out with vivid color and detail, wherever you are. Combined with larger pixel sensors, the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra captures as much light and data as possible to give you DSLR-like portraits even in the dark.

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Night City Challenge
Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

In addition to the greatly improved sensors, the Galaxy S22 series devices also have an auto frame rate feature that dynamically chooses the camera frame rate during video recording. This way your video can have the most optical exposure setup that matches the lighting conditions!

Its impressive Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) feature also prevents you from capturing shaky or blurry photos and videos. No more manually editing all your photos and videos in post, because the phone itself will do all the work for you!

Try it yourself with Samsung’s Night City Challenge

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Night City Challenge

If you’re looking for a muse or inspiration, Samsung’s Night City Challenge is exactly what you need!

In a bid to showcase KL nightlife, Samsung launched its Night City Challenge on Instagram. They’re calling on all Gen Zs and everyone in-between to submit their exciting, nighttime adventures online.

To participate, all you have to do is choose one of three themes: Romance, what you like to do at night; Playful and fun activities to do in your city; and Adventurous, where you go at night. Then capture your moments with a Samsung Galaxy device and post them to your profile!

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Night City Challenge
Shot on the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

Be sure to include hashtags #MakeNightsEpic #withGalaxy #(city name) #(Galaxy device) and label @samsungmalaysia, @samsungmobile and @samsungwithGalaxy in your post and you may have the chance to be featured on the official Samsung Galaxy Instagram page at @SamsungwithGalaxy! Speaking of which, you can find out more about the Night City Challenge by visiting Samsung Malaysia’s official Instagram page (@SamsungMalaysia) via this link!

Samsung Global will choose the best UGC and the best influencer city content based on the following topics: best romantic night, best fun night, best place at night and best city at night. Note that your Instagram profile must be made public in order to participate in this challenge.

If you are looking to get a phone that can really capture your nightlife moments, you can get a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra here!

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