The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is taking the tech city by storm with a slew of the F-series’ first-ever groundbreaking features—a preview of its best offerings!

Over the past few years, Samsung has brought us some of the biggest technological upgrades in the smartphone world. From its lead in camera performance to punchy design and battery prowess, the brand has revamped the smartphone experience in its price range. So it’s no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G – the latest star of the Samsung stable, follows tradition and brings us a host of epic features that we can’t help but rave about!

What makes this smartphone even grander is that it introduced a slew of first-ever features to the Galaxy F series portfolio, making the device the best in the 15k segment! Tapping into the pulse of its massive user base that includes tech-savvy millennials and Gen Z, the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G packs a host of never-before-seen features like the Snapdragon 750G processor, 120Hz Gorilla Glass 5 display, voice focus, Power Cool technology, RAM Plus, 50MP triple camera with 123 degree ultra wide lens and automatic data switching among other starters! And if that mighty spec sheet wasn’t enough to prove it hit the ball out of the park, its price further reinforces that this is one device you can’t miss. At Rs.14,999, the Galaxy F23 5G has “winner” written all over it!

TOI takes an in-depth look at the very first features the Galaxy F23 5G brings to the F-series, making it a “breakthrough” device that is turning heads!


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“Breakthrough” performance with the first-ever Snapdragon 750G processor to multitask

For GenZ, an extraordinary gaming experience and smooth performance are decisive factors when it comes to swiping on a new smartphone. Samsung took this into account and powered its Galaxy F23 5G with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 750G processor, making it the very first Galaxy F series smartphone to be powered by the super-fast and ultra-powerful Snapdragon processor. The device comes with the Snapdragon 750G chipset which enhances all the AI ​​features on the device. This enables lightning-fast processing, efficient multitasking, and a superior HDR gaming experience. You can play your favorite games without any lag and while you are doing this you can multitask efficiently on other tabs as well. The device offers brilliant HDR gaming and super-fast 5G connectivity to complete every activity perfectly.

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Cut through the noise with the first-ever ‘Frevolutionary’ Voice Focus

The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G surely ticks some of the most essential boxes when it comes to delivering a great smartphone experience, but it goes a step further by revamping one of the most fundamental functions of a smartphone – the clarity of voice. To ensure that talking on your smartphone is as smooth an experience as anything else, the Galaxy F23 5G comes with the all-new Voice Focus feature so your voice is loud and clear at all times. Voice Focus, the first ever feature in the Galaxy F series ecosystem, will reduce all background noise for you so the receiver only hears your voice, providing both a sound call experience without any unwanted interruptions . Not only that, it also amplifies the receiver’s voice so you hear details even in the noisiest environments.

To activate this feature, simply click on the Voice Focus icon on the dialer screen and you are all set to remove all unnecessary sound distractions!

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Revolutionary cooling with the first-ever Power Cool Tech feature to say goodbye to heat waves!

Summer has almost arrived in India and the mercury is rising at full speed. While you can’t control this change in your outdoor temperature, the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G gives you the power to control your smartphone’s ambient temperature with its exceptional and one-of-a-kind Power Cool technology. To put it simply, this feature takes care of the heating issues in the smartphone even when you are using it for heavy tasks like playing games, binge watching or long browsing. This feature ensures that the performance of the smartphone is top-notch when you use it for demanding tasks for long hours without warming up. The Power Cool Technology feature was introduced for the very first time in the Galaxy F series to ensure an always cool and relaxed experience. Now you don’t have to worry about the device slowing down due to heating issues!

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Breakthrough protection with the first-ever 120Hz Gorilla Glass 5 display

When it comes to displays, Samsung has always been a mainstay. Over the years it has redefined the display experience with a host of upgrades across the entire Galaxy series and this time too Samsung has raised the bar! So it’s no surprise that the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G comes with a 6.5-inch 120Hz Full HD+ Infinity-U display protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. It provides the smoothest scrolling experience for users with the first-ever 120Hz refresh rate that’s stutter-free. It’s also the first Galaxy F Series display to feature the exceptional toughness of Corning Gorilla Glass 5 display for a protected experience whether you’re browsing, binging, or gaming!

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First-ever RAM Plus for breakthrough performance

The ideal smartphone is one that allows you to multitask at ease and perform all activities without any compromise in performance. The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G seals this deal with its RAM Plus feature, the first ever in a Galaxy F series device, which allows users to perform every activity with precision. The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G’s RAM Plus feature can boost your existing RAM and double it! This means that the 6GB variant can go up to 12GB of RAM with smart memory expansion. It uses additional RAM from internal storage for smart memory expansion that improves overall smartphone performance while you are gaming, streaming or just using your phone for other activities.

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Revolutionary connectivity with the first-ever Auto Data Switch

Now, having the dual SIM feature on your smartphone can be a bliss as it gives you the advantage of being connected at all times. However, the real fight happens when your primary SIM card runs out of network. That’s where Samsung’s outstanding automatic data switching feature of the Galaxy F23 5G comes in! This very first feature of the Galaxy F series allows you to make and receive calls or use data from your secondary SIM card, even when your primary SIM card is in an area without a network. This saves you from having to manually replace your SIM card and helps you stay in touch with your work and loved ones wherever you go.

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A groundbreaking viewing experience with a first-ever 50MP triple camera with 123° ultra-wide lens

It goes without saying that the camera specs of a smartphone go a long way in deciding whether or not we go for a particular smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy F23 5G ticks all the boxes this quarter by bringing the first-ever 50MP triple camera with a 123-degree ultra-wide lens which is one of the best camera specs in tech town right now, ensuring as well as our social media game is up and running at all times. The 123-degree ultra-wide lens helps capture those expansive landscapes and lends a unique perspective to those clicks. The device also comes with Samsung’s iconic Single Take feature which allows you to click through up to 10 different outputs of images and videos at once so that no moment is missed while playing your game. photography game! It is also associated with a 2MP macro sensor for close-up shots! So whether you’re using the smartphone to nail your picture game or your video capture skills, the Galaxy F23 5G is a force to be reckoned with for vivid, crystal-clear photos! Isn’t that more than we bargained for? !

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Revolutionary price to get the best smartphone on the market!

If you are already convinced and thinking about getting the Galaxy F23 5G, now is the right time to do it! The 4GB + 128GB variant is currently available at Rs. 14,999 and the 6GB + 128GB variant is priced at Rs.15,999. These prices include instant ICICI Bank cashback worth Rs.1000.

With a slew of first-ever features that promise stellar performance, the Samsung Galaxy F23 5G is a clear winner! If you’re looking for an uncompromising smartphone experience without burning a hole in your wallet, this is a device you should consider!

To buy the new Samsung Galaxy F23 5G, visit the Samsung site and Flipkart now!

Disclaimer: The article was produced on behalf of Samsung by Times Internet Spotlight Team.