The size of our galaxy compared to the rest of space might make you a little sick

The James Webb Space Telescope has given the world a deeper view of the universe than we’ve ever seen – and it’s making a lot of people feel very, very small.

In fact, people exploring the magnitude of images from outer space have felt a little uneasy trying to figure it all out.

It comes after US President Joe Biden revealed the first image that offers an additional glimpse into time that humanity has never seen.

“The first image from the Webb Space Telescope represents a historic moment for science and technology,” Biden wrote on Twitter.

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“For astronomy and space exploration. And for America and all of humanity.”

The images are breathtaking on their own and give us a glimpse into the recesses of space.

But they take on even more importance once you zoom out and get a wider view of the universe.

A new video, which was produced by the American Astronomical Society’s WorldWide Telescope and shared by Harvard astronomy professor Alyssa A. Goodman, puts the images in context.

It zooms in directly on the image, before pulling it out and comparing it to other images of the countless galaxies around it – astronomy fans can also create their own versions here.

The size of the universe on display in the images left people pretty freaked out.

The video freaked out a few peopleGetty

One social media user appeared to sum up the common consensus on social media by writing, “We’re so small I’m gonna throw up.”

“It just confirms that literally nothing really matters, which is as heartwarming as it is terrifying,” another said.

Another added: ‘We are literally insignificant to what’s going on there.

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