These are the best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G deals in 2022

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is Samsung’s widely available mid-range that meets most people’s needs and use cases. The phone is a great value option in the US where it will be a de facto sub-$500 choice, especially when going against Apple’s iPhone SE 3. If you’re looking to get the phone, we recommend snagging a lot to sweeten the deal even more, and you can use the money saved to get yourself a good case or a nice screen protector. So here are some of the best deals on the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G!

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G starts at $450 in the US. Pre-orders for the device went live on March 17, while open sales are set to begin April 1 at major retailers and carriers. For the Galaxy A53 5G, Samsung is offering Galaxy Buds Live as a pre-order bonus. Since the phone lacks the headphone jack, having the TWS alongside helps buyers with a pretty good pair of headphones that work seamlessly with Galaxy devices. Also note that the device doesn’t come with a charger in the box, so grab a charger while you’re at it as well.


Best Unlocked Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Deals

If you’re looking for the carrier-unlocked version of the Galaxy A53 5G, you should check out major retailers like Amazon and Best Buy, alongside Samsung’s own online store. The announcements for the Galaxy A53 5G are not yet available everywhere, but they should go live soon enough.

Samsung Store

Samsung’s online store is the first destination if you want to get any of Samsung’s recently launched products at a great price. For smartphones, Samsung USA also has some rather lucrative trade-in deals that make it cheaper to upgrade to the latest smartphone.

    Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

    Samsung website should be the first place you go to whenever you are thinking of buying any Samsung smartphone including this Galaxy A53 5G.

Amazon is often preferred by many people as they can avail their Prime subscriptions and available credits as well as purchase their other necessities on the platform. The price of the device remains the same: $450 for Unlocked.

    Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

    Amazon is running the same deal as Samsung, meaning you get the Buds Live by pre-ordering the Galaxy A53 5G.

Galaxy A53

Best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G Carrier Deals

In the United States, people prefer to buy their device directly from the carrier they will be using it on. Luckily for the Galaxy A53 5G, you’ll be able to find it available on most carriers and MVNOs operating in the country, but starting April 1. Currently, carriers do not have live listings for the device. So come back in a few days.

While the Galaxy A53 5G is a good device, there’s a valid argument to be made about the quality of its own predecessors. The Galaxy A52 5G and Galaxy A52s 5G are arguably better smartphones than the A53 5G, especially since you can keep a better processor (Snapdragon 750G/Snapdragon 778G vs the Exynos 1280) and keep the headphone jack 3 .5mm. It’s worth considering the predecessors as valid purchase options, so take a look at what’s on offer from these retailers and decide accordingly. Let us know which device you ended up choosing and which deal did you take!