These are the best Samsung Galaxy A53 cases to buy in 2022

The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is part of Samsung’s 2022 non-flagship A-series lineup. It’s a practical device that chooses to deliver a host of comprehensive features instead of capitalizing on a single spec and ignoring the rest. . The result is a device that will suit the average consumer perfectly. Due to the marketing push Samsung typically has for the A-series and the fact that it has extensive retail distribution channels in major markets around the world, the Galaxy A53 5G is poised to become one of the easiest recommendable and easy to buy phones in the $500 price segment.


If you managed to grab one thanks to a great deal, we recommend you opt for a case and screen protector. The Galaxy A53 5G has a polycarbonate back and sides – some people may like the grippy texture, while others may not be a big fan. Either way, dropping the phone has a high chance of damaging it. The phone has 4 long years of promised software updates, so the hardware also needs to be in good shape to last that long. So here are our recommendations for the best Samsung Galaxy A53 5G cases in different categories!

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Official cases

With every new phone launch, Samsung makes awesome official cases and this time is no different. These cases are officially made by Samsung for the Galaxy A53 5G. Being a first party case, you will get the best fit with precise cutouts and button placements. Official Samsung cases are high quality and come in a wide variety of options, depending on whether you want a case that looks good or offers the best protection. The only downside is that all of Samsung’s cases are quite expensive. But for the most part, you get what you pay for.

Samsung also has an S-View Wallet Cover in its list. But their website is unable to show it as purchasable, for some reason. So you can search that on the website on your side to see if you have a better experience.

Clear cases

Clear cases are for those of you who want to show off the back of your smartphone while adding some protection. The Galaxy A53 5G comes in fun colors – we won’t blame you if you want to show off that Awesome Peach. In that case, get a transparent case. This way you can also keep the original look of the device.

Robust enclosures

If you often drop your phone and constantly worry about breaking the screen or denting the edges, you need to get a sturdy case. Rugged cases are intentionally thick and provide great protection for your smartphone. They can get bulky, but that’s the tradeoff you make for peace of mind. Often these cases will have a dual-layer design for the casing, and some of them will even incorporate a screen protector into their design. Choose the one that best suits your needs.

Wallet cases

The concept of wallet cases is that you can keep a few credit cards and cash with your phone. Many of us make financial payments through our phones, and otherwise we do it through a card. So carrying a dedicated wallet can be avoided if you only get a wallet case.

Stylish cases

    iBlason Cosmo

    The iBlason Cosmo series has its own unique appeal, thanks to the intricate patterns with a gold weave over rose gold, white marble and gray accents. This case also has a built-in screen protector.

For now, these are the cases we recommend on the device. Since the phone is relatively new, notable case makers are working on setting up their lineups. We will update our roundup with more options in the near future.

    Samsung Galaxy A53 5G

    The Samsung Galaxy A53 5G is a mid-range available in most parts of the world. Combining a good display, good cameras, decent everyday performance, and excellent battery life, the Galaxy A53 5G has all the key ingredients to easily meet your daily needs.